Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving was good this year. We broke in a new location, Camp Del Oro near Nevada City, CA. Monica, a niece, works there full time in the office, and Darrel works with the kids in the summer.Kitchen was easy to use and dining /meeting room and lodging were very comfortable.
The Crain mother, siblings and families, (plus anyone else shows up) start their visiting Wednesday evening and we go home after cleaning up Saturday morning.
Thursday morning some went on a hike with Darrel in the lead. After lunch David arranged target practice, many guns were brought to show off and try out. Young and old, male and female shot the guts out of large zucchini, narly looking crooked neck squash, apples and a stuffed pig. 48 sat down to turkey dinner.
For entertainment as if people watching wasn’t enough, Darrel received the honor of a talking stick, and continued to talk. We couldn’t tell there was any improvement having received the stick.
Friday a group went to a used book store hosted by Ben. Another group went on another walk. The children were taken outside, even though there was danger of rain, to use up Crain energy; when back inside not of lot of difference in the energy level was seen.
Two jigsaw puzzles were put together, many hands of May I, Uno, SkipBo, Crown 5 were played. Apples to Apples provided laughs.
Saturday Morning we woke up to no electricity. Fortunately, the dining room had a large fireplace, and the kitchen a gas stove. Water was heated for tea, cocoa and dish washing. Eggs were scrambled. Leftover ham, red-skinned potatoes, toast and biscuits were heated, and gravy made from bacon drippings. Equaling a breakfast worth the thanks. With many willing hands, cleanup was accomplished and we were on the way home before noon.
Thanksgiving with the Crains is a tradition that is worth the effort it takes to make it continue, Many memories are made and friendships strengthened. I’m thankful I’m a part of this clan.

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