Yarn Along with a Pair of Pliers


“~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading,” Ginny, hostess of Yarn Along. I enjoy adding my little bit to this blog, mostly I love seeing all the different projects being knitted so beautifully it’s inspiring. It also adds to my library in Ravelry and my want list of yarns.

This week Summery Solstice was my knitting project. I finished Clue D. I added more beads, being inspired by other knitters’ pictures, but thought I had over done it. So I found the Farmers pliers, and removed 5 beads from each repeat (19). I have bead remnants on the deck, but I like the beading better. I split yarn on one removal, but was able to fix it.

I am knitting another shawl of the same pattern, I started Clue C yesterday. This yarn is waiting for its opportunity to become part of that shawl, Ivory Silky Solstice.

Wendy Knits’ mystery KAL has been fun. I’ve learned from watching others knit their shawls.  And I know these two projects will get finished, probably next week when I go care for MIL with little to distract me from knitting.

I’ve been listening to ‘Ice Cold’ by Tess Gerritson.


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  1. Love the shawl 🙂 The beads just make the project!!

    • thank you

  2. Lovely shawl, I’ve yet to try adding beads to my knitting.

    • Thank you, with so many youtube how to video’s it is easy to find one that works with your style of knitting.

  3. I adore beading on shawls, but I agree with you—-you have to be sort of careful and not overdo (plus, it becomes heavy and that too sort of defeats the summery shawl idea!) I think yours is perfect!!!

    • Thank you, I am new to beading and trying to find a good balance. I was noticing the shawl getting heavier, who would have thought those little beads would do that.

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