October 8, Today’s thought — Christ’s Presence

Yarn and Pearl

Good Morning

My presence shall go with thee. . . Exodus 33:14

Christ’s presence does not keep the storms away;
but He is with us in the storms,
We are safer in danger with Christ than in quietness without Him.
We do not place our hopes in the sinking sands of time,
rather is our confidence in the steadfast Rock of Ages.
But we must be like our Master;
it is the spirit of sacrifice
and yielding to the cross that invests our lives with value. . .
Amid the wildest tumult,
Christ was never too weary to listen to the cry of human distress.
Then why fear the tempest,
when it is under the control of our Heavenly Father?
He was never so engrossed in one case of need
that He could not stop to give attention to another.
The restoration of a sick child to her parents
represents how He will restore friend to friend.
Some who most needed His help
took no notice of His desire to help them,
like drowning men,
amazed at the beauty of the lifeboat,
might stay in the waves to perish.
The ways that seemed to take their Lord away from the disciples
really brought Him nearer to the boat.
The fishermen had come to their wit’s end
before they came to their journey’s end.
How often has the Savior intervened
when the strength of man is exhausted!

G.G.Cawston, from Living Waters leaflet
printed by Christian Progress Scripture Union, London

Trust God for your day. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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