Five Minute Friday – JUMP


Lisa-Jo Baker:

‘On Fridays around these parts we like to write. Not for comments or traffic or anyone else’s agenda. But for pure love of the written word. For joy at the sound of syllables, sentences and paragraphs all strung together by the voice of the speaker.

We love to just write without worrying if it’s just right or not. For five minutes flat.’

Prompt – JUMP!

I think it was Zig Ziggler who told the story of how to train fleas for a flea circus. You put the fleas in a lidded container. The fleas will jump and hit their little heads. Soon they will stop jumping high enough to hit their heads. You can then take off the lid and not lose a flea.

I look up
it’s clear as glass
a glass ceiling?
open opportunity?
I can’t tell from where I’m standing.

I’ve hit my head so often
on the clear doubts about my own

I look up – it’s clear

I hear the word – JUMP

I look again


My success clearly doesn’t depend on my strength.

His strength is shown perfect in the light of my weakness.

I’ll jump
and while I’m jumping
I’ll chant loudly

“I AM the vine,
ye are the branches:
He that abideth in me,
and I in him,
the same bringeth forth much fruit:
for without me ye can do nothing.
John 15:5”

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