Chatting on the Deck

“Chats on the Farmhouse Porch” is a group of friends
gathering to visit,
sip their favorite beverages,
nibble delicious treats
and share their likes and dislikes.

Patrice and Wendell have invited me to join the chatting.
Patrice provides the questions,
we answer.

Today’s questions:

Do you prefer to drive or be driven?

Definitely I drive.

What’s your favorite kind of jam, jelly, or preserve?

My mom won’t believe this but I love Marmalade, that sweet tart flavor. As a kid, it was only strawberry. If I’m having peanut butter and jelly, it is still strawberry.

Do you have any special plans for this spring or summer?

In May I’m hoping to go to Phoenix to visit family and dear friends. This summer, I’m the hostess with the most veggies as I ‘man’ our veggie stand.July,2012july1412veggie stand 002

Lots of folks are becoming aware of issues with food. There are many articles, books, and movies on topics like allergies, GMO, pesticide use, bad or no labeling, over processed foods, foods from other countries that may not have high standards, and many more topics. What concerns you the most? If nothing concerns you, have a cookie and skip to the next question.

I’d rather have a cookie, but the Farmer was diagnosed with a very aggressive prostrate cancer 2 years ago and did the radiation therapy and part of the hormone therapy. He also started a completely plant based diet and began juicing vegetables daily, drinking a quart a day. Because of his research, I read labels religiously. No GMO, canola oil, sugar, no processed foods. His cancer is completely inactive today. We are thankful. 2010 1016 (62)(I haven’t made up my mind to eat plant based, though I’m sure some changes would be beneficial to my health.)

Do you use nail polish often? Finger nails, piggies, or both?
No polish for me.

Meet some new friends on the porch here.

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  1. Yes, we are thankful!!

  2. i love the sounds of your Mom’s Marmalade. yummy!! is a family recipe? ( :

    curious are you the Leslie who leaves me such sweet comments lately? i always wish to write back but unfortunately you are a “no comment blogger” so i can’t find your email to write back to you. so i hope you are one in the same. fingers crossed. thank you for making my days & being so kind & sweet. i appreciate that. big big hugs. take care.

    • I do leave comments on your blog, don’t know how sweet they are. I didn’t realize I you saw the blog as a no comment blog. Others comment, I love comments and the connection they bring. Sometimes when I hit publish, I think ‘where in never never land is this going/’ When someone comments I know it landed some where special. thanks for commenting.
      I wasn’t clear, My mom would be surprised to hear I eat anything but strawberry jam. 🙂

  3. That’s wonderful news about the farmer’s cancer. I have read over and over that food heals. I am always healthier when I juice. I got off track when my juicer broke, but I finally replaced it. You man the veggie stand, and I “hold down the fort” while hubby mans our veggie stand. Sometimes I will go to the market to act like a customer and visit other vendor friends. Have a great week!

    • thank you, the Farmer does all the planting, watering, picking so selling is my part.

  4. I prefer to drive because somehow I feel out of control when I’m not behind the wheel. On the other hand, it’s not like I have a choice LOL.

    • at least we get where we’re going…..

  5. That’s awesome news about your hubby’s cancer. I would love to know exactly what his diet consists of.

    • I’ll be glad to share , kind of long for here, do you have an email or other way to contact you?

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