Chatting on the Deck


“Chats on the Farmhouse Porch” is a group of friends
gathering to visit,
sip their favorite beverages,
nibble delicious treats
and share their likes and dislikes.

Patrice and Wendell have invited me to join the chatting.
Patrice provides the questions,
we answer.

Today’s questions:

When it’s time to cut the grass (mow the lawn), who does it?

the Farmer or Uncle Bob mows our lawn and volley ball court/field.buster4-2012 003

If someone gave you $500 dollars and you could not spend it on yourself, who would you spend it on?

Two ways: part to the Farmer for new glasses and the balance to my mom, she can use extra gas money.

Have you ever taken a blogging break or considered one?

no and no, I’m still having fun, even when I have help.cats and compter 001

Are you bothered by spring allergies or hay fever? If not spring, any other time of the year?< blockquote>The only time I’ve had a problem is when we lived in a home that had cotten wood trees in the backyard.

What’s new with you?

I can’t think of anything new – enjoying the simple life.

Find out what’s new here.

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  1. Enjoying the simple life is a great start plus the fact that it’s spring, I guess 🙂

    • I like simple and un-eventful and spring:) Thanks for visiting

  2. I love your pic of the little tractor it’s proof of your “simple life”. Have a blessed week, it was nice chattin’ with ya :O)

    • I tell the Farmer that the reason he likes his tractor so much is that he didn’t have tonka toys when he was little. 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me at Jeremiah 29:11. I really like your “helper”!!! 😉 HOPE you have a great week!!!

    • Yes, Grissabel is always in the middle of things.

  4. I like what you would spend your windfall on. Cotton wood trees are the worst! We do not have many of them where we live now but for the first seven years we were married we lived in a place with alot of them. Not only are they messy but both my husband and I were so allergic to them. I sure don’t miss them!

    • During cotton wood season our back yard looked like it had snowed. Thankful we were able to move. Thanks for visiting

  5. Of course you don’t need a blogging break- you have your cat blog for you. If only I could wake our cats up long enough!Wendell would like to blog, but no fingers is a problem. I hope you have a good week!

  6. How about voice activated equipment – I’m sure Wendell would have many comments on every topic

  7. Enjoying the simple life… I’m going to retire in June and I can’t wait to enjoy the simple life!

    • Happy for you, just realize retirement comes with lots of adjustments. . .

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