Yarn Along – Enjoying the Season

Yarn Along
~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here.~ This is how Lisa begins her blog, Small Things, on Wednesdays.

Many of the wonderful items, knitted or crocheted,
I see get added to my someday list.
Books and authors, new to me, peak my interest.

What do you call a ‘yarn bog’?

I have been in a yarn bog during most of 2016.
Nothing ‘yarny’ seems interesting.
All yarn gets moved out of sight.
Even the guilt of WIP’s couldn’t raise its head.

I got a yarn tug mid year and bought a couple skeins,
but ‘plop’ back down I went.

Then in December while house/dog/cat sitting for my son
this little inch-worm of a yarn thought showed up.
I got an idea for a knitting yarny project.
I bought some yarn.
I knew I didn’t like using
because there is no stitch definition.

When I first started knitting I used a lot of this yarn.
I loved knitting.
But not too sure of how my stitches looked.
As I knitted more and learned more about patterns,
I wanted to see my knitting.
I enjoyed hearing “oh, did you knit that”

So I returned what yarn hadn’t been used.
I took a dive in the stash shed and
found white yarn purchased for ____________?
I started a afghan in bulky yarn
using a pattern for a tablecloth
in the old shale pattern.
I’m on row 66 and only had to rip out 5 rows
somewhere in the 40’s.

jan-3-2017-white-yarnI have a helper.

Not sure if I’m out of the bog,
but I enjoying this season of knitting.

Ravelry notes

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  1. glad to see you out of your yarn funk….i can’t imagine a day without knitting!!! Hope this pulls you out permanently, because what you are working on is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • thank you for your kind words, seeing others’ projects helps. I did miss knitting – feeling the yarn in my fingers and the challenge of trying a stitch

  2. i have never gotten in to a knitting funk but i have only been knitting about 2 years. my hands are never idle!

    your afghan looks gorgeous, you are brave to start back with something so lofty!!!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Oh the fun and creativity you have in store. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

  3. The piece you are making is lovely…continue to enjoy it and being out of the “funk.”

    • thanks, one stitch at a time

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