#100 Days Project

My #100 day project of crocheting has hit a detour.

We live near Sacramento, CA.
We left May 11 on a road trip vacation
pulling a 22 ft trailer
driving north into Washington,
east through Idaho ans Montana,
south to Denver, Co,
east to Chicago, IL,
southeast through IN into Kentucky,
northeast to Ohio arriving
in Holmes County Ohio, Amish country on June 3, 2017.

I had time most evenings to crochet,
but little energy to do so.
I’m the navigator
and it takes much concentration at times.
Thinking is hard work.

I’ve missed 18 days of crocheting.

I finally finished row 63,
completed row 64 and started row 65
on May 16, non-moving day.
Then I had to rip back
because row 65 wouldn’t work out.
So not much head way,
but I finally figured out my problem
and now I’m on row 66.
Row 66 section between ‘hills’ reads
*sc in next 18 stitches,
hdc in next 2 sts,
dc in next 2 sts,
edc in next 2 sts,
tr in next st,
tr in next st,
edc in next 2 sts,
dc in next 2 sts,
hdc in next 2 sts,
sc in next 18 sts*
9 times.

I am enjoying, when I’m not ripping,
the challenge of this #100 day project of crocheting.

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#The 100 Days Project

#The100DayProject update
April 10

My 100 days started on April 10.
I have crocheted every day for 8 days.
Whoot! Whoot!

April 10 I was on row 46.
Today, April 17, I am working on row 53b.
Row count looks like this: 46, 47, 48, 49, 50,
51a, 52a, 53a, 54a, 54b, 53b.
10 rows completed.

Rows 54b, 53b, 52b, & 51b are Crocodile scales and
worked over the frame work made with the ‘a’ rows.
I’ve not done this crocheting before.
I enjoy the challenge “Can I do this?”

This picture shows 2 row of the frame work
and 2 rows of the crocodile scales

The hook shows where I was on April 10.

4 rows of waves, dk orange, brown, white, lt orange
1 row med brown
4 rows of frame work, v stitches and posts
1 complete row of scales, the outside row
The yarn is variegated orange through brown,
I really like the way the colors change.

Isn’t it pretty?

#100 Days of Crocheting

Over on Instagram, @elleluna and @lindsayjeanthomson are hosting #The100DayProject.

I have a crochet project I want to get done this summer.

Perhaps with a challenge like this – crocheting, at least,
a little time on it for 100 days straight;
I’ll see some progress.

Rings of Change
March 6, row 45 completed

I started crocheting again on this afghan last week,
working on row 46 with it’s 590+ stitches.
As I was ending the row I realized my count was off.
I started counting/checking my stitches
from the beginning of the row
and found a mistake within the first 12 stitches.
I had to frog (rip it, rip it) the entire row.

I finished the redo on April 10 and started row 47.
I’m counting this as #1 of 100 days.

It is 11:21 PST.
So if I am going to crochet on Day 2,
I better get started.

Wish me luck –
Starting is easy for me,
continuing that is the hard part.

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