Wordless Wednesday-now with picture



Joining silent bloggers here

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Wordless Wednesday – Birds! I dare you!


Happy Wednesday, join us here.

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Wordless Wednesday – 1st pickin’! Squash and Fresno Chilies

I can be wordless on Wednesday.

I’m #287 on the list of wordlessnes, come and see!

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Wordless Wednesday — I’ll Share!

Being wordless isn’t for everyone….but we can try!

Check us out here.

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Wordless Wednesday — Pounding Posts


Just pictures, look here.

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Wordless Wednesday — Carrot Gone to Seed.


Isn’t being wordless fun!

For  Lea  🙂

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Wordless Wednesday — Cat Door?

Join us as we try to cut down on the chatter on Wednesdays.

In and out

(Please excuse the blur – he is fast!)

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Wordless Wednesday — Spring Garden Preparation

Day after Wordless Wednesday silence:

You can see how silent others were on Wednesday here.

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Wordless Wednesday — Big Dog Came to Visit

On Wednesday’s we bite our tongues
or should I say fold our fingers
to stay Wordless.

Visit here to see what other folded fingers can say.

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Wordless Wednesday – Slow Camera Finger

Have you ever tried to just show a picture without any explanation? That’s what we try to do on Wednesday’s. I’m biting my tongue;  I hope you can read the story!

Linking with Wordless Wednesday.

Go see other’s stories!

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Wordless Wednesday — cat hair balls

It is Wednesday and it is time to be wordless.

Buster and Grizz

Look over the shoulders of other wordless ones here

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Wordless Wednesday — Cat Curl

Shhh…….I’m wordless on Wednesday!

His name is Busterford Jones

Join others’ silence here.

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Wordless Wednesday — Garden Preparation

Wordless on Wednesdays, but not idle.

To view other wordlessness, go here.

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Wordless Wednesday – Attitude

On Wednesday’s I’m practically wordless.

Busterford Jones

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Wordless Wednesday — This is Why

On Wednesday’s I am wordless. . .

See what others are not saying here.

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