2nd Monday With the Sisters

November, 2018 the Sisters began meeting for dinner
on the 2nd Monday of the month.
24 Sisters have met, as they were able,
to bring our prayer requests, to hear a short devotional and have dinner.
We have shared laughter and tears.
We have been encouraged in the Lord.
We have strengthened ‘the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.’
(Ephesians 4:3)

January, 2019 Sister Elizabeth Olmsted brought the devotional.
She gave us a memory verse card reminder
of how God will make the desert places in our lives
like a garden of Eden.

For the LORD shall comfort Zion:
he will comfort all her waste places;
and he will make her wilderness like Eden,
and her desert like the garden of the LORD;
joy and gladness shall be found therein,
and the voice of melody.
Isaiah 51:3

Sister Elizabeth asked Sister Diana to paint a desert place
and bring it to the gathering with her paints

As Sister Elizabeth shared with us
the thoughts God had given her,
Sister Diana began to add life to the desert

We watched in amazement as Sister Diana
seemly so effortlessly transform the desert
into a lush, green, refreshing garden of Eden.

We were reminded that if we give our deserts,
and submit our ways and ideas to God,
He will be faithful to transform us into
what He has designed and we become useful in His kingdom.

Even today,
GOD is still able to comfort Zion in all of her waste places.
GOD is still able to make the wilderness like Eden.
GOD is still able to make the desert like a garden.
GOD is still able to bring joy and gladness.
And WE can still be thankful and lift our voices in praise.