Today’s thought – Shall Not Be Moved

aug 11 003I love this ‘standing’ oak tree.

Good Morning

Psalms 46:5
God is in the midst of her;
she shall not be moved:
God shall help her,
and that right early

“Shall not be moved”–what an inspiring declaration!
Can it be possible that we,
who are so easily moved by the things of earth,
can arrive at a place where
nothing can upset us or disturb our calm?
Yes, it is possible;
and the Apostle Paul knew it.
When he was on his way to Jerusalem
where he foresaw that “bonds and afflictions” awaited him,
he could say triumphantly,
“But none of these things move me.”

Everything in Paul’s life and experience
that could be shaken had been shaken,
and he no longer counted his life,
or any of life’s possessions, dear to him.
And we, if we will but let God have His way with us,
may come to the same place,
so that neither the fret and tear of little things of life,
nor the great and heavy trials,
can have power to move us
from the peace that passeth understanding,
which is declared to be the portion
of those who have learned to rest only on God.

“Him that overcometh
will I make a pillar in the temple of my God;
and he shall go no more out.”
To be as immovable as a pillar in the house of our God,
is an end for which one would gladly endure all the shakings
that may be necessary to bring us there!
–Hannah Whitall Smith

“They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion,
which cannot be removed, but abideth forever.”
There is a quaint old Scottish version that puts iron into our blood:

Who sticketh to God in stable trust
As Zion’s mount he stands full just,
Which moveth no whit, nor yet doth reel,
But standeth forever as stiff as steel!

Stand . . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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June 12, Today’s thought – Everything

June 4 009No wants

Good Morning

When one of the wealthiest men in history, John D. Rockefeller, died, his accountant was asked, “How much did John D. leave?” His reply? “All of it!” No one takes anything with him. Think about the things you own—all your stuff. Then let me remind you—your stuff isn’t yours. And you know what else? Your stuff isn’t you.

Jesus explained in Luke 12:15 that life isn’t defined by what you have, even when you have a lot. Contentment comes when we can honestly say with the Apostle Paul, “I have learned to be satisfied with the things I have. I know how to live when I am poor, and I know how to live when I have plenty.” (Philippians 4:11-12).

You have so much! You have a God who hears you, the power of His love behind you, the Holy Spirit within you, and all of heaven ahead of you. You have everything you need!

Max Lucado ~~~ Traveling Light

Remember He supplies all our needs . . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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