Ten on Tuesdays – Dreamin’


On Tuesday’s Carole hosts ‘Ten on Tuesdays’.
She chooses a topic – we list ten items.

10 Things You’d Do If You Won the Big Powerball Jackpot.

What a fun topic!
Not many of us could say
we haven’t dreamed of winning the big one.
Although not long ago I ask the Farmer
“what would you want to but if. . . ”
After a long pause he replied,
“Maybe a new tractor…”
I’m not that limited.

1. A substantial offering toward missionary work our church supports in Mexico, Cuba and different areas in Africa.

2. A chunk to each of the 5 children for paying off/buying the house and furnishing of their dreams. Or maybe we will seriously consider that family compound we’ve talked about.

2009 1226 (91)aAaron, Dan, Mary, Emily and Margaret

3. Trust funds for the 13 grandchildren to access at 30 years old.

2009 1226 (86)(opps! most current– 2 not present)

4. Funds for our mothers: the Farmer’s is 100yrs old in a nursing home; my mother is independent and healthy, but __?___ a month would go a long way toward easing financial needs.

5. A new tractor

6. A whole family vacation, that we’ll remember and talk and laugh about the rest of our lives.

7. Travel – – we have several trips we’ve been dreaming about

8. Remodel the caretaker’s house – possibly will be our home in the future

9. Increase our monthly income by $2000. a month (we are retired with SS plus occasional part-time income).

10. A Hyundai Genesis for me.
genesis-hyundai-2013-01 Dark Red with cream leather

Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote
“Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment,
all you have is all you need”. I believe this with all my heart.

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