Today’s thought – In the Thick Darkness


Good Morning

Exodus 20:21
And the people stood afar off,
and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness
where God was.

God has still His hidden secrets,
hidden from the wise and prudent.
Do not fear them;
be content to accepts things that you cannot understand;
wait patiently.
Presently He will reveal to you the treasures of darkness,
the riches of the glory of the mystery.
Mystery is only the veil of God’s face.

Do not be afraid to enter the cloud
that is settling down on your life. God is in it.
The other side is radiant with His glory.
“Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial
which is to try you, as
though some strange thing happened unto you;
but rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings.”
When you seem the loneliest and most forsaken,
God is nigh.
He is in the dark cloud.
Plunge into the blackness of its darkness without flinching;
under the shrouding curtain of His pavilion
you will find God awaiting you. ~~Selected

Hast thou a cloud?
Something that is dark and full of dread;
A messenger of tempest overhead?
A something that is darkening the sky;
A something growing darker bye and bye;
A something that thou fear’st will burst at last;
A cloud that doth a deep and long shadow cast,
God cometh in that cloud.

Hast thou a cloud?
It is Jehovah’s car; in this
He rideth to thee, o’re the wide abyss.
It is the robe in which He wraps His form;
For He doth gird Him with the flashing storm.
It is the veil in which He hides the light
Of His fair face, too dazzling for thy sight.
God cometh in that cloud.

Hast thou a cloud?
A trial that is terrible to thee?
A black temptation threatening to see?
A loss of some dear one long thine own?
A mist, a veiling, bringing the unknown?
A mystery that unsubstantial seems;
A cloud between thee and the sun’s bright beams?
God cometh in that cloud.

Hast thou a cloud?
A sickness–weak old age–distress and death?
These clouds will scatter at thy last faint breath.
Fear not the clouds that hover o’re thy bark,
Making the harbor’s entrance dire and dark;
The cloud of death, though misty , chill and cold,
Will yet grow radiant with a fringe of gold.
GOD cometh in that cloud.

Trust God in the cloud . . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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