Playing House

Last week ( I think) we gave Uncle B a white wood cabinet for his kitchen. He lives in a very old house with very little storage. The cabinet is now his pantry. Part of what went in the pantry came from wood shelves in the breakfast nook. I asked him if I could move the shelves to the opposite wall, which would give access to the windows. He didn’t care. So today I played house in his kitchen washing shelves and dishes, window seats and the floor, and starting to rearrange a widower’s kitchen. I’m tired. I hope he can find what he wants. I’ll go back again tomorrow and try to do some more damage.

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Even When It Hurts

from: life lessons, Elizabeth Berg, January 2010, Real Simple

…..I know now that the dictionary definition of ragout is “a richly seasoned stew of meat and vegetables.” For me, it will always suggest another kind of mix:  a warm kitchen on a winter’s day, an old friend’s condor and absolute trust, and a new friend’s generosity in giving me a recipe, which is always about more than it seems. That’s because sharing the things that nourish us helps to fill an empty place. Sometimes that place is the stomach. Sometimes it’s the heart. And sometimes, the best times, it’s both.

So thankful for friends and family,  especially the person who will tell me what I need to hear, even when it hurts.

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