Can you knit in Spanish?

Ralph and Rosa stopped in Sacramento on their way home Wednesday. They had been visiting family and friends in Washington, Oregon, and in Redding, Ca.

Ralph and Rosa stopped at the shop first and were given the 25 cent tour, then to our house for lunch. Ralph got a load of firewood for their wood stove, Edith and Gene came by to visit, and Mary, R & R, Elmer and & I went to Garcia’s for dinner. Edith and Gene didn’t come with us, that is Uncle Gene’s story.

Rosa wanted to learn to knit. A fly on the wall must have been laughing itself silly watching two ladies whose communication skills would fit in a thimble work on the intricacies of knitting. I would show, Ralph would explain and Rosa had the challenge of figuring it all out. We did a lot of laughing, too. At one point I said, Ralph I need some more words, he said which ones, I didn’t care which ones, just some that would work for our knitting need. I guess we didn’t do to badly, though, when she left she could cast on, do the knit stitch, bind off and she had two new sets of knitting needles. Ralph learned he could go online and find information about how to knit. So if she wants to learn more, they can struggle together. She caught on real quick, her stitches were very even from the start. Could be a knitter in the making.

They left about 9:45 Thursday.

I went on to help at a grammar school library until a little after one, I went to lunch and the to the shop to get Elmer and home again.

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What did I do?

As I was reading mom’s list, I was thinking to my self, what have I done this month. It just seams like a big whirl wind. I made a dress, went through finals and graduated college, did a bag of alterations, went to Mexico to help the saints for a week and finished a few dish cloths…I think that is it, deffiniately not everything that was on the ‘not-written-down-to-do’ list…Maybe next month will be better.

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Sounds like a good idea…So I will start.

I just got back last night from Mexico. A group of the young people went down to help the saints for a week. It was a good trip, we were able to get a lot done and have tons of fun. But more than all the fun and laughter, I was impressed by the contentment of the saints. They have so little and yet they are happy. No they don’t sit and do nothing about their situation, they are busy in their lives doing their best, but it appears that there is not a need for all the extra stuff that we deem necessary. They are content and can live with the bare necessities.

It challanged me, to be content with what I have and not expect or demand those things that are just comforts. No I don’t have to change my living condition or sell off everything that I have, but I don’t have to always the very best and most comfortable surroundings to be content and happy.

It is good to be back home, but I will go back to visit. The saints are sweet and very welcoming and their beaches are wonderful. :-}

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