Yarn Along – Pretties

Yarn Along
~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here.~
This is how Lisa begins her blog, Small Things, on Wednesdays.

Many of the wonderful items, knitted or crocheted,
I see get added to my someday list.
Books and authors, new to me, peak my interest.

I found a pattern ‘Cups and Saucers by Ravelry’s BluebirdStitches. I had to try it. This is my start.

P1080432I love the colors. I’m using Caron ‘Soft solids’

aug 17 sweet baby family

Still reading ‘Touching the clouds’ by Bonnie Leon and fitting in piecing quilt tops, finished one yesterday.

Linking with Ginnie and others here

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Ten on Tuesday – Sweaters

On Tuesday’s Carole hosts ‘Ten on Tuesdays’.
She chooses a topic – we list ten items.

10 Favorite Sweater Patterns

I’ve never knitted a sweater for myself, only children.
Those are the patterns that catch my eye.

My top two favorites are EZ’s Surprise Jacket and
the Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson.
I have made several of each of these.
I usually have one or the other on my needles.

july 13 005

This sweet daycare miss is wearing a surprise jacket in worsted weight yarn.

For the grandsons knitted Lion’s Homespun pattern
for a ‘hooded knitted sweater’.
I liked the fit, but not sewing the pieces together.

I’m knitting “Cowgirl, Butterfly, Astronaut’
by Fawn Pea, a vest with butterfly sleeves for a great-niece
Feb6 yarn along 010I’ve finished the ‘skirt’ and started the bodice, love the colors.

Checking my Ravelry library, I found:
Bella and Beau  by Megan Grewal,  like the yoke stripes and garter stitches
Sunday sweater  by Ginny Sheller, love the texture
Perdita  by Tonia Barry, like the stripes and the sideways construction
Of course, Phoebe’s sweater  by Joanna Johnson, is darling

If I were to knit a sweater from me,
I think I’d try the easy fit style of either
Pea Shoot pullover by  Cathy Carron or
Radiate by Helene Rush.

All links are Ravelry.

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