Yarn Along – May

Yarn Along
~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading
and I love sharing my projects and current reads here.~
This is how Ginny begins her blog, Small Things,
on the First Wednesday of the month.

April was a productive month for me.
It seems I did nothing but sit and crochet.
I was happy.

Red and Grey Moods of Change, Frank O’Randell
is now finished, 4/15
It does not lay flat,
it kind of curls around my lap.
It is warmer that way.

I will make this pattern again
in a lighter weight yarn.
Ravelry link.

I played with the first few rounds of Mandela Madness
using dish cloth cotton,

Isn’t Madness pretty!

Someday I’d like to make some Madness.

I purchased some Caron Simply Soft in blue
and completed Moe of Change, Frank o’Randell

Started 4/16, finished 4/23/18.

What’s left of 4th skein.
Ravelry link.

4/23  I pulled Sophie’s Garden out of ‘time out’ in the stash shed
and determined I stopped at round 15.

I played with this one until 4/30 stopping on round 32.
I’m using stash lace weight yarn doubled and sock yarn single
comes out about same thickness.
Ravelry link.

Don’t tell Sophie, but she got set aside
because I couldn’t wait to see
what this yarn would look like in Tides of Change, Frank O’Randell.

I really like his patterns,
(as if you couldn’t tell)
they are challenging,
yet not overwhelming;
and they are so pretty when finished.
I’m on round 19,
I’m letting the yarn flow,
so center looks a little lopsided.
Ravelry link.

I have enjoyed my rounds in April, listening to many audio books.

If you would like to see what others are doing with yarn, join us here.