Every Day


Yes, it is Saturday, but I had to ponder this topic and my thoughts finally jelled this morning.  The exercise is to write for 5 minutes, just open up and let it flow; sometimes the flow is fresh and  sometimes something surfaces that needs a little work.  Whatever shows up, it is good.



Last year was a season of many changes, my whole life seemed to be turned upside down. My financial foundation crumbled, almost everything we had worked for gone, March 12, 3010 felt like a funeral had taken place.

Even so:

Every day I wake up and I have these treasures:

EVERY DAY:  I will load thee with benefits     Psalms 68:19

EVERY DAY: I will hold your right hand   Isaiah 41:13

EVERY DAY: The Lord is my Shepherd    Psalms 23

EVERY DAY: I will send a comforter    John 14:16

EVERY DAY: My peace I will leave with you   John 14:27

EVERY DAY: Let not your heart be troubled  John 14:1

EVERY DAY: My GRACE is sufficient  2Corinthians 12:9

EVERY DAY: Fear not! Isaiah 41:10

EVERY EVENING: I will never slumber or sleep   Psalms 121:4


Scripture references and picture were added after ‘stop’.

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