Five Minute Friday, June 24, 2011, Wonder

The end of the week – a good time for few words.

Want to take five minutes with me and see which ones bubble to the surface?

Wonder  —  to think or speculate curiously:  to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe;
i wonder at creation
Look at all the different leaves, flowers, would just 2 or 3 kinds do the same thing apparently not
Look at all the animals, why the emu, the mole, the rat
Look at all the fish some bright, some sightless
Look at all the colors, it could have all been black and white
Look at the people, oh the differences to behold
Look at the seasons, steadfast and dependable
Look at God’s love, how wonderful, all creation tells me, I did this just for your enjoyment
“This is the day, I have made enjoy and rejoice and be glad in the present of my Love, your Father.”

Is it any wonder that I Love Him…..?

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