May 15, Today’s thoughts — Boulder Too Hard to Move

Good Morning

If thou hast been here. John 11:21

“If only my circumstances and my environment were altered…
“If only So-and-So were not so trying to live with…
“If only I the opportunities, the advantages, that other people have…
“If only that insurmountable, difficulty, that sorrow, that trouble, could be moved out of my life; then how different things would be! and how different I would be.”

Ah, dear friend, you are not the only one who has had such thoughts. No less a person than Paul the Apostle besought the Lord three times that the thorn in the flesh might depart from him, and yet, it was allowed to remain.”

A certain gentleman had a garden which might have been very beautiful had it not been disfigured by an immense boulder which reached far under the soil. He tried to blast it out with dynamite, but in the attempt only shattered the windows of the house. Being very self-willed he used without success one harsh method after another to get rid of the disfigurement until finally he died of worry and blighted hopes.
The heir, a man who not only had common sense but used it, soon perceived the hopelessness of striving to budge the boulder and therefore set to work to convert it into a rockery, which he covered with frescoes, flowers, ferns and vines. It soon came about that the visitors to the garden commented on its unsurpassed beauty, and the owner could never quite decide which gave the greater happiness–the harmonious aspect of his garden or the success in adapting himself to the thing that was too deep to move.
So the unsightly boulder which could not be removed, proved to be the most valuable asset in that garden when dealt with by one who knew how to turn its very defects to account.  Selected.

Trust God for your day. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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