October 10, Today’s thought — Fervent Prayer

Good Morning

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:16

Napoleon quickly observed where the strategic position for a battle field lay. He would then thrust all his forces and resources into the conquering and keeping that position, no matter what the sacrifice to his troops.
To claim spiritual conquests, soldiers in the army of God must be prepared and alert to do the same. Gordon B. Watt once said:
“The point of obstruction must be found out, and prayer focused upon it. The mind must be convicted. The will must be stirred into right action. On the obstruction whatever it may be as it is revealed through waiting upon God, prayer must be concentrated.

Oh, the wonders of prayer!
Abraham’s servant prays. . .Rebekah appears.
Jacob wrestles and prays and prevails with Christ. . .Esau’s mind is wonderfully turned from the revengeful purpose he has harbored for twenty years.
Moses cries to God. . .the sea divides.
Moses prays. . .Amalek is discomfited.
Joshua prays. . .Achan is discovered.
Hannah prays. . .Samuel is born.
David prays. . .Ahithophel hangs himself.
Asa prays. . .a victory is gained.
Jehoshaphat cries to God. . .God turns away his foes.
Isaiah prays. . .the dream is revealed.
Daniel prays. . .the lions are muzzled.
Daniel prays. . .the seventy weeks are revealed.
Ezra prays at Ahava. . .God answers.
Nehemiah starts a prayer. . .the king’s heart is softened in a minute.
Elijah prays. . .a drought of three years succeeds.
Elijah prays. . .rain descends apace.
Elisha prays. . .Jordon is divided.
The Church prays ardently. . .Peter is delivered by an angel.”

The weapon of prayer against the forces fo evil prevails.
It brings power.
It brings fire.
It brings rain.
It brings life.
It brings God!
There is on power like that of prevailing prayer.
Dare to be definite with God;
dare to lay hold of the promises
and to wait with faith until the answer comes.
Victory is through Calvary!

Trust God for your day. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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