November 6, Today’s Thoughts — Even Today

I’m ready for another trip to the beach!

Good Morning

. . . and yet I show you a more excellent way 1Corinthians 12:31

I carefully laid every plan:
the future seemed so bright.
My hopes and dreams they towered high–
I saw no trace of night.

And then at closing of the day
I knelt in usual prayer,
And prayed; Dear Lord, bless every plan–
All that I hope and dare.”

But day by day my plans all failed.
My hopes came tumbling down.
All my ambitions disappeared,
And FAILURE was my crown.

Perplexed–I could not understand,
Had I not knelt in prayer?
And asked that every plan and hope
Would find a blessing rare?

Then in the stillness of the night,
Out from the shadows dim,
I heard a sweet persuading voice
That called me close to Him.

“Why don’t you let Me make your plans?
I’ve trod the path before.
Just leave the future in My hands,
I’ll lead thee o’re and o’re.”

In shame, I bowed my humble head;
My spirit low was brought,
For I had caught a strange new light,
By HIs own Spirit taught.

No longer do I pray as once,
“Dear Lord, bless all my plans.”
But now I pray: “Lord, plan for me,
The future’s in Thy hands.” ~~Selected

Even Today – trust God for your day.
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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