A Rainy ‘Yarn Along’ Day

On Wednesday’s knitters go to Ginny’s to share all the wonderful projects being worked on, finished, frogged, cried over, and learned from. They also tell what they are reading and a little of the storyline or provoking thoughts. I think it is great. So many books, knitting ideas and hints on how to make knitting more enjoyable.

A few weeks have passed since I joined Ginny. I’ve been knitting, but also seem to have little computer overload and haven’t been posting much.

A Wallaby sweater knit from Coffee Beenz is for a little guy
whose mom says “GO DUCKS.”
Just a few stitches to finish under the arms then in the mail it goes.

A baby afghan that needs just the weaving in to be finished.
Baby due January 6, can’t believe I almost finished
and it isn’t the night before I want to gift it.

A close up of the edging. It’s not really exciting.

I’m excited, this shawl is almost finished.
The edging was to be 2 inches wide,
but I’m just going to use up the yarn,
one and a half balls left –less than 200 yards.

September circle cowl is about 75% done.
I’ll make my Christmas deadline.

Thinking about hats for 6 grandsons, not sure if that isn’t too big a bite of yarn.

I’m reading Karen Harper’s Down to the Bone, starting chapter 5.
“Tightly written story….Fascinating blend of Amish and modern ways.”“Rendezvous
Quote on the dedication page:
“There is no past we can bring back by the longing for it, there is only the eternally new now that builds and creates itself out of the elements of the past.”“Johann Goethe

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November 28, Today’s thought — Unfathomed Love

. . .For this rainy day

Good Morning

To know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge. Ephesians 3:19

A little child was playing by the shore of the broad blue sea
And oft he looked away across the waves, so wonderingly.
It was a new entrancing sight to him, that watery waste.
The tossing billows breaking o the sand with foam wreaths graced.
And often in this distant inland home, with childish glee,
The boy would say to young and older friends,
“I have seen the sea!”
And so he had;
the child made no mistake,
his words were true;
But yet,
how much of ocean’s vast expanse had met his view?
Only the waves that rippled on the shore; while far away,
The broad Atlantic in its depth and strength beyond him lay
And thus we say we know the love of Christ,
and so we do;
‘Tis no exaggeration or mistake, but sweetly true.
But ah!
how much of that unfathomed love do we yet know?
Only the ripples on the shores of time, the nearer flow.
The mighty ocean of redeeming love rolls deep and wide.
Filling eternity,
and heaven,
and earth, with its vast tide.
We know it by a sweet experience now;
yet shall explore its breadth and length,
its depth and height of grace,
for evermore. ~~E.R.V.

Trust that love for your day. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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