January Joy Dare – 19th-31st

Being thankful is a big deal to me.
I am joining many people who will be making a list of the things for which they are thankful. I’ve been listing but not posting.

Gifts that might never have been: Except for the stirring of a recent revival, I would not have gone to a baptismal service and received the gift of (1)being reminded of a life made new, (2)heard testimonies of deliverance from sin and (3)talked with some I didn’t know
Gift seen close up or looked for: dirt in the corners, it’s time to sweep
Gift seen close up or looked for: stitch definition in knitting
Gift seen close up or looked for: when I see a mistake in my knitting I can usually fix it
Gift – sky: the ever changing-ness, always new, always beautiful in all its seasons, yet always there
Gift – water: clean cold water from my kitchen sink
Gift – memory: walking in the Atlantic ocean at Myrtle Beach
Gift – wrinkled: the beautiful face of a dear sister in Christ, a pillar of faith, smiling
Gift – smooth: the brand new face of a two week old new born, no lines of care or sorrow
Gift – unfolded: a receipt totaling our tithe offering to the Lord’s work
Gifts found in Christ: forgiveness, chastisement, help
Gift blue: the warm blue and white comforter, just the right weight
Gift blue: the many shades of blue, I’m not stuck with just one shade
Gift blue: looking forward to the blue hydrangeas of summer
Gift found: the love of knitting
Gift borrowed: Mary’s Ipod
Gift inherited: need to have words spelled correctly
Gift before dawn: I’m still sleeping
Gift at noon: visiting with my daughters
Gift after dark: motion lights that come on to light my path
Gift in the kitchen: cutco knives
Gift in the kitchen: abundance of hot water
Gift in the kitchen: favorite coffee cups
Gift found in friends: laughter, encouragement, understanding
Gift a song heard: He’s More Wonderful, sung by Trish and Cynthia
Gift a soft word: whispered, “Lord, help us.”
Gift light seen: through a testimony of insight of the story of the rich man and Lazarus
Gift of old things seen new: an iron in the hands of a beginning sewer
Gift of old things seen new: a smile on an ‘older’ person’s face finding love again
Gift of old things seen new: an id card lost and found again
Gift on paper: an invitation to a party
Gift in person: generosity –Brother Bob
Gift in a picture: of my dad, bringing memories thought forgotten

Gifts 371-409

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