April 7. Today’s thought – Cacao Beans

Good Morning

apr7 003
From Hugs for Chocolate Lovers, Bicket and Brandon

Turning cacao beans into chocolate is a long and difficult process.
Cacao pods are hand sorted, crushed, and then roasted.
Next the pods undergo winnowing, a grinding process
that removes the hard outer hulls from the tender chocolate nibs.
This chocolate is heated to a liquid through friction–
the longer it endures the heat, or conching,
the smoother and more refined its ultimate texture.
The final stage is tempering,
where the chocolate is cooled very carefully
to attain the desired snap when broken,
perfectly smooth meltability,
and glossy shine.
If the process is rushed,
the chocolate will crystallize,
ruining the finished product.

Life is a similar process.
Families go through any number of difficult stages:
crushing, winnowing, grinding, tempering, and refining.
It’s never pleasant to endure the protracted hear of conching
or the delicate cooling required for tempering.
But these stages are essential
to producing the beautiful sheen
and best quality in our families
and in our lives.

Bearing the crushing or the heat isn’t nearly as painful
when families stick together.
Indeed, it is these very processes
that serve to blend families together
in the most satisfying, long-lasting way.

If your family is being crushed in the crucible
or feeling extreme heat,
here’s sweet reassurance:
families that endure difficulties together stick together,
love together,
and eventually laugh together.
Don’t curse the blending process embrace it– and your family.

Job 23:10 But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. (or good chocolate)

Enjoy some chocolate today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m joining Ashley on a Scavenger Hunt.
Each week she lists five topics open to photo interpretation.
I get to take a new picture this week (first choice)
or find a picture I’ve taken and post what I’ve chosen.
I have fun matching photos to the words.


apr5 004Sweet pea


august25 to market 006It takes a lot of wheels to take the veggies to the stand. 
August 2012


feb24 014Our Poppies look  sunshiny.


apr5 001Warm spring sunshine makes the vines and berries grow.

Favorite sport

417405_4153899736736_815837327momknits_nI like Watching the Waves,
my daughter likes taking pictures 2012

If you like to look at pictures, join us here.

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