Today’s thought – I Have Finished . . .

June 4 026We’re picking the last of these wonderful boysenberries. I love them.

Good Morning

2 Timothy 4:7
I have finished my course.

There is a course prepared for each believer from the moment of his new birth, providing for the fullest maturity of the new life within him, and the highest which God can make of his life in the use of every faculty for His service. To discover that course and fulfill it is the one duty of every soul. Others cannot judge what that course is, God alone knows it. And God can just as certainly make known and guide the believer into that course today, as He did with Jeremiah and other prophets, Paul and Timothy and other apostles. J. P. L.

Why do I drift on a storm-tossed sea,
With neither compass, nor star, nor chart,
When , as I drift, God’s own plan for me
Waits at the door of my slow-trusting heart?

Down from the heavens it drops like a scroll,
Each day a bit will the Master unroll,
Each day a mite of the veil will He lift.
Why do I falter? Why wander, and drift?

Drifting, while God’s at the helm to steer;
Groping, when God lays the course so clear;
Swerving, though straight into port I might sail;
Wrecking, when heaven lies just within hail.

Help me, O God, in the plan to believe;
Help me my fragment each day to receive;
Oh, that my will may with Thine have no strife!
God-yielded wills find the God-planned life.
James H. McConkey

Yield . . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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