Today’s thought – More Like Christ

june10 bedroom 007Colors of the sea –
that’s where my heart longs to be.

Good Morning

Roman 13:14
But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ,

Evidently, in order to be a manifestation of Christ,
we must be in some way like Him.
He is a Christian who follows Christ,
who measures all things by the standard of His approbation,
who would not willingly say a word
which he would not like to have Christ hear,
nor do an act which he would not like to have Christ see.
he is a Christian who tries to be the kind of neighbor
Christ would be,
and the kind of citizen Christ would be,
and who asks himself in all the alternatives of his business life,
and his social life, and his personal life,
what would the Maser do in this case?
The best Christian is he who most reminds the people
with whom he lives of the Lord Jesus Christ.
He who never reminds anybody
of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a Christian at all.
~~~George Hodges

More like Christ my heart is praying . . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Lesle

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