Little by Little

Sometimes when we think about our habits,
the things we would like to see changed
fills our to-do list
and discouragement steps in
before we even know where to start

This is my true story.

God began leading me to make changes
in my housekeeping habits.
My critical eye was so harsh
and my mountain of changes so high.
I cried out to God
“I don’t know where to begin!”
In His kindness He led me little by little.
God asked me “Do you get up every morning?”
(He really spoke to me just like this in these words.)
I said, “Yes.”
He said, Today after you get up and dressed,
make your bed,


pick up any laundry,
shut any dresser drawers,
and close the closet doors.”
So that is what I did.
As I left the room with laundry in my arms,
I turned to look back at my room.
I was amazed at how neat and tidy
and clean it looked.
Even though no actual dusting, vaccuming,
or putting away the accumulated piles was done.

AND that was ALL I was asked to do,
God didn’t add anything more to my list
of have-to-do-to-make-a-change.
For three or four days,
that was the BIG change in my housekeeping routine.

Of course, then God said,
“Today we are going to do the dishes.”


I said, “I can’t do the dishes”

You see,
I would wash one sink full of dishes,
rinse them,
put them in the drainer,
put another group of dirty dishes
in the sink to soak and walk off.
I’d finish later. yeah!

So I knew God meant to wash ALL the dishes,
dry All the dishes, even the pans,
put away ALL the dishes,
wipe out the sinks,
put away the dish drainer
and wipe off all the counters.
I knew I couldn’t do it.
I hadn’t done that in so long.
but I knew how God had helped me
with my bed and room, so I trusted Him.

I got the dishwater ready,
the first sinkful in the bubbles
and washed them
and rinsed them
and put them in the drainer
and held on to the sink to keep from walking away.
When I felt sure I wouldn’t walk away
I finished the dishes completely,
even to wiping the counters.
I looked back at my kitchen,
it looked so clean and big.

No the floor wasn’t mopped,
the stove wasn’t clean,
the refridgerater still had science projects flourishing,
but I had done what God asked me to do.

And you know what,
once those two things were accomplished.
The mountain just kind of melted
and I was able to organize my duties.

Was I always perfect after that? No
Did I still struggle from time to time? Yes
Did discouragement still show up? Yes
But I wasn’t alone with my struggle;
because God made it plain to me
“I will be with you, I will never leave you”

Even with a sink full of dirty dishes.

To this day, I feel undone if my bed isn’t made
first thing in the morning.

Habit definition –
a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior
a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things
[which He has called me to do]
through Him who strengthens and empowers me
[to fulfill His purpose—
I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency;
I am ready for anything
and equal to anything through Him
who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]

Amplified Bible

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