Laundry Exposed

Idaho Clothesline

Really I don’t mind doing laundry at all.

In fact, once upon a time,
Mary and I considered a starting a mobile laundry service.
Pick-up, wash, dry, fold, put on hangers, return.

I did our laundry on Monday,
washed three loads,
dried three loads,
folded three loads,
put away three loads
(except I haven’t hung up my skirts yet).

It took all afternoon and part of the evening
because the washer I use is the slowest one on earth.
It’s less than two years old,
It’s just slow.

I usually fold as I remove from the dryer,
except for socks and undies.
As I was folding I realized:
#1.I immensely dislike turning t-shirts and undies right side out!
Surely there is a way to remove these items
and have them find their way into the hamper right side out.
Isn’t there?
#2. I immensely dislike finding socks inside my undies.
Did I just admit to that?
That must be why it takes the washer
so long it’s having a little matching party.

Mr. Washer, just wash the clothes,
I’ll be in charge of matching things up. OKAY!

My favorite way to dry sheets.

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