One of my Favorite Things to Do

I enjoy knitting and crocheting,
the rhythmic, repetitious movements
are soothing and and comforting.

I love the tools, I call them toys.

knitting needles, crochet hooks,

a swift

and a ball winder

stitch markers, row counters, scissors, and yarn needles,

I like to see yarn wound up in cakes.

I like making things.
and giving my projects as gifts.

But my favorite part of playing with yarn is
trying new patterns.
Challenging myself – Can I do this?

This afternoon I played with this pattern:

Flower Puddle Ripple
1st 9 rows of 51+ rows of ripples and cables.
I can do this!

You can see the completed blanket here.

BUT . . .
I am trying to finish what I start
because I’m not a good finisher;
I am a wonderful starter.

SO . . .

I continue to crochet

row after row of ripple,

yep, it’s getting boring

because I . . . can . . . really . . . do . . . this . . .

I’m glad I have a furry helper.

I’m linking here with others who like to play with yarn and its toys,