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Why is an automatic response.
A young child continually asks, “WHY?”
He doesn’t really want or understand
the elaborate explanation we give over and over
until we finally tire and say,
“Because I said so!”

So we are as a child,
when meet we something we don’t understand —
Not because we are unbelieving.
Not even because we want an elaborate answer.
But because we need our Father’s attention.
We need to know we are not alone.
We need to know  are cared for and
we can trust the one who is holding our hands.

Until we hear those reassuring words,
“Because I said so, my child.”


“For God Himself has said,
I will not in any way fail you
nor give you up
nor leave you without support.
I will not,
I will not,
I will not in any degree leave you
helpless nor forsake nor let you down;
nor relax My hold on you!
Assuredly not!”
Hebrew 13:5
The Amplified Bible

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