FO Friday – A Hat and a Jar


In case you didn’t know FO stands for Finished Object. Tami lets finishers brag a little on her blog, by linking to her blog their pictures of FO’s. Click – to see finished fiber objects.

Friday afternoon I finished my KAL (knit along) hat; I was knitting with a group of nice ladies and Crissy, our fearless leader.

Feb113  kal hatMegan is modeling it. Aren’t those double cables something else!

kittens with mittens gave me the idea of saving yarn scraps in a jar.

Jan3113 scrap jar 002My jar on January 31, 2013. Isn’t it beautiful?

I did a lot of hat knitting in January and I frogged a pair of sox to remove worn heels, so my jar filled fast. (I’ll reknit the sox with shorter legs; I’ll like them better that way.)  I’m following my mother suggestion that I do a jar a month, instead of getting a larger jar and dumping all the scraps in one jar. I don’t expect February’s jar to be full. I have a baby blanket and two shawls that will be my focus this month.

Looking forward to more happy knitting in February!

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Knitted not Blocked, My Part is Finished

Diligently I have been keeping to my goal to finish at least three shawls before I started another. (I have yarn and patterns for four shawls, patiently waiting).

Hope’s shawl made from garage sale find by Grandpa Red and sox yarn. I like the way it finished and hope a young girl will remember Grandpa when she wears it.

Ravelry Link

Shelby is Hope’s older sister. If you make a shawl for one granddaughter, the other granddaughter needs one, too. I love this yarn, the colors are bright, the stitch definition is good and it felt nice as it flowed through my fingers.

Ravelry link

To see what others are finishing check out FO Fridays and Fiber Arts Friday.


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Ready to Barter

Would you spend a few hours knitting dishcloths to be able to enjoy heirloom yellow tomatoes (whose name I have forgotten)?

I did.

Dishcloths are almost ready to send, just three little ends to weave in. Of course, I have to wait until next summer to enjoy the tomatoes.
That’s okay.

To see what others are finishing check out FO Fridays and Fiber Arts Friday.


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I Like Finishing Projects


‘Anjou’ has been furnished for a while. My daughter, Mary, blocked it for me for Mother’s day. I love the way it turned out. At first, it was a little daunting having 5 charts to work from; okay I’ll do it:(reach back and pat, pat, pat).

Mr. Wallaby sweater is done – just need to neaten strings and block.Yardage was my challenge in this one. I used sock yarn and instead of making a gauge and doing the math; I guessed. All in all it turned out fine.

Main projects now, another wallaby, Holden shawl, and KAL, Slice of Pi,

Joining with other finishers at Tami’s Amis and Other Creations.

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