I Like Finishing Projects


‘Anjou’ has been furnished for a while. My daughter, Mary, blocked it for me for Mother’s day. I love the way it turned out. At first, it was a little daunting having 5 charts to work from; okay I’ll do it:(reach back and pat, pat, pat).

Mr. Wallaby sweater is done – just need to neaten strings and block.Yardage was my challenge in this one. I used sock yarn and instead of making a gauge and doing the math; I guessed. All in all it turned out fine.

Main projects now, another wallaby, Holden shawl, and KAL, Slice of Pi,

Joining with other finishers at Tami’s Amis and Other Creations.

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Yarn Along — March 14, 2012

I was attacked by a severe case of startitis!

I was knitting along very happily on the Anjou and the Slice of Pi, when it hit.

Alpaca Sox Shawl by Emily Devlin

Now I have to knit a little and knit a little there, here a row, there a row. Oh I love each and every row!

Slice of  Pi is blooming beautifully.

This is where my pretty ones sleep, right next to my chair.

Busterford Jones has taken over the basket when Grissabell isn’t in it.

I’m listen to A Widow’s Story, A Memoir by  Joyce Carol Oates, the story of her life after the sudden death of her husband. The topic isn’t pleasant (what word to use), but the author’s ability to describe the roller coaster ride of a widow is very well done.

Joining Ginny at Small Things. If you visit, you’ll find many beautiful works in progress – some are even finished.

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Yarn Along — March 8

I am making progress on Anjou this week.

Last Week

This Week

The Lace

This piece has charts for the individual sections. I have completed:

Point to Pears  – Cast on 5 stitches, 35 rows of knitting, 27 stitches on needles

Widening  –  work all 12 rows 5 times, 5 pears completed, 57 stitches on needles

The Straightaway  –  work all 12 rows 17 times. Whether following Charts or written instructions, work each row as follows, Charts A, sm, B, sm, C, sm, B, sm, D.

I am on my 6th repeat down the straightaway. Once I became accustomed to working the multiple charts and highlighting the ssks to help distinguish from the k2ts, the progress has been easier and faster.

I’m enjoying this project, if I could only stay focused and not sidetracked to all the other beautiful things I want to try.

Sharing my WIP with others here.

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