Moving Day for the Chickens

chickens freedThis is the chicken pen,
looking at it from the front of Bro. Bob’s house

dec4 new rooster 002

mar1 007

This spring the Farmer prepared this cozy spot for the chickens.

mar25 007The gate is to the right of this opening.
This chicken house will fit right in the opening.


I didn’t get out early
enough to see the dismantling
of the extra wing attached to the hen house.

apr5 moving chickens 002

apr5 moving chickens 003

apr5 moving chickens 004

apr5 moving chickens 005The crew and their deliberations.
With the help of the tractor,
the house was lifted up and onto the white trailer.
The trailer was pulled by the lawn mower
to the new chicken pen area.

I missed that part
because littlest A. Crain and I did a donut run.

apr5 moving chickens 006Not many were left,
movin’ chickens is hard work.

apr5 moving chickens 007

apr5 moving chickens 009

apr5 moving chickens 010Hens and Rooster seem happy in their new area.
Hens have found the nesting boxes. 
We expect eggs today, girls.

From my chair at my desk,
I can see the chickens.
I like    🙂


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My Spot at Cozy Acres

This is where I sit and read and write and knit and eat.
Sometimes I even doze here.

This is what I see if the door is open.

This is the view out the window.
It faces south.
The window is covered with sunshades.

This is what I’m trying to see.

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, a brief look at gifts from God.

View from my Chair September 17, 2011 at 7:13am.

linking up with Wordless Wednesday

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