Velma’s 97th Birthday

Saturday, January 16, Velma Crain’s family met with her in Redding for lunch to celebrate her 97th birthday. Elmer, Mary, Emily, Melanie and I arrived at Velma’s (Elmer’s mother) about 12:00pm. Mary and Emily hadn’t been at Velma’s for some years, so I was able to give a tour of the home, the yard with about a half acre of planted gardens. Showing them the shed with our inheritance safe inside, different flower areas (bulbs, cut flowers, propagation pots), vegetable garden plot with fencing (deer out or veggies in), the potting shed and how the watering was done. Aaron and his family arrived about 12:30. So we did a repeat tour. Alyce found use for a shed in their yard after seeing Grandma’s. We then left to meet the rest of the family at the Redding Airport for a Chinese lunch. There were about 40 attending. Velma’s brother, Leonard, 4 of her children and their spouses, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a nephew with spouse and their grandchild, Sam, Barbara and several Garden Club friends. We had plenty of food, a delicious cake, much laughter and merriment. A very typical Crain get-together. We arrived home about 5:30pm, thankful for family and a safe trip.

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My Birthday Gift

spinning wheel 9-23-09 002I have tried out spinning wheels at a few different stores and also when I took a class from Lizette of Spinglitz. The one that I liked the most was the Mach 1 by Spinolution. It was sturdy and solid enough that it wouldn’t walk away from me, it was a double treadle and the treadles were comfortably set apart. I also liked that it had been designed and made in California. So after much deliberation, I decided to get myself one. But they had come out with the Mach 2 – which was the Mach 1 but with some upgrades. The Mach 1 was not available anymore – so it would be the Mach 2. I ordered my wheel from Lizette of Spinglitz (dealer). And two weeks later, I got a call saying she had received my wheel. So I drove up to El Dorado Hills and came home with my Mach 2 and some “birthday fiber”.

And so the began tspinning wheel 9-23-09 005he learning a new tool, playing with fiber – and seeing what I could create. I have learned that I can make a tangled mess faster wspinning 9-26-09 003ith a spinning wheel than with a spindle. But I can also create some pretty neat yarn faster also. Using my “birthday fiber” I spun it up and navaho plied it, ending up with about 75 yards of about a worsted weight of yarn. It is fun seeing the colors come together. I am thankful to be able to learn new skills and to have been able to get this wheel.

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Not too big to sit on my Lap

August 25 was A1’s birthday. He was 11 years old. I was there when he was born, I fell in love immediately. He was 8 or 9 and sitting on my lap when I asked him how old he would be when he was too old to sit on my lap. He thought for a while and then said, when I am 12. I only have one year left. Maybe he’ll forget his time limitations.

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thankful for lives spared…

This time of year when it’s Mom’s birthday and mine is coming soon… I reflect on how thankful I am that God spared both of our lives. Mine when I was born – so early and small, thankfully the nurse was wrong when she said “this one isn’t going to make it”. And Mom’s in the year or so following my birth, when she was so ill. I’ve heard her testimony time and again, how she held on to God’s promise – one day at a time, when she didn’t know what to do. And God was faithful to hold on too, he has promised us, he will never let go. I am thankful for my Mom – for the lessons she has taught and the example she has been.

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60 things

Sixty things You May or May not Know About Leslie

1. Likes yellow roses the best
2. Doesn’t like her feet messed with
3. Favorite meal to eat out Breakfast
4. First choice dark chocolate with almonds
5. Favorite vacation spot – ocean beaches
6. Next car Hyundai Genesis ( I’m hoping)
7. Loves to knit and challenge myself with new stitches
8. Determined to finish quilting projects
9. Would rather piece tops than quilt them
10. Happy my children live in Sacramento area
11. Been married 42 years
12. Born in Fresno, at St Agnus Hospital
13. Never lived more than 4 hours away from Fresno
14. Went to 4 grammar schools, 1 jr. high and 1 high school
15. Attended both ARC and Sac City jr. colleges for assorted classes
16. Could eat Chinese food several meals a week
17. Favorite color green
18. Favorite songs Not My Will and Every Need Supplied
19. Enjoys having stuff organized
20. but Procrastinates about organizing stuff
21. Volunteers in Kyle’s second grade class
22. Reads many types of books: mystery, science fiction, light romance, espionage
23. Grows violets, now that I know their favorite window, they bloom
24. Mistreats orchids and sometimes they bloom
25. Definitely a night person
26. Has seen sunrises and sunsets and knows the sunrises are not worth getting up for
27. Will get up early to see hot air balloons rise
28. Favorite holiday – thanksgiving
29. Enjoys being by myself
30. Enjoys just driving around for no real reason or destination
31. Loves to stop at yarn and quilt shops in new cities
32. Doesn’t really like garage sales
33. Knows that grandchildren are a special blessing from God
34. Loves black walnut ice cream at Baskin Robbins
35. Fascinated about how children learn
36. Knows audio books are the answer to how to anything and read at the same time
37. Thinks Bacon, tomato, Avocado sandwiches is a good breakfast
38. Must have lots of open (without curtains or blinds) windows in her house
39. Loves ironed pillowcases
40. Is learning to blog
41. Is being more open to people
42. Would like to go horse back riding on the beach
43. Collects thimbles from places she has been, has 30 (not all from places, some gifts)
44. Loves scissors that are less than 7 inches long
45. Thinks her children are wonderful, smart, beautiful and clean up well
46. Is a yarn and fabric fondler
47. Doesn’t have a passport, yet
48. Favorite scripture: Malachi 3:6a For I am the LORD, I change not;
49. Loves the fall because of the cool weather and the wind and the rain
50. Thinks she wants to own a dog
51. Would love to take a long road trip every year, home or abroad
52. Gets very frustrated with mechanical things that don’t work right, right now
53. Doesn’t really like to shop for clothes
54. Could not have picked more perfect daughter in laws
55. Volunteers at a school library one day a week during school year
56. Loves to look up words in the dictionary
57. Thinks thrift shops are okay
58. Would like to travel to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland
59. Is going on her first cruise this year,
60. August 16 is my birthday and I am 60 years old.

Errand Day

I’m up and dressed; my list is made. Off I go!

Drop off tablecloth and red sweater at the cleaners, the little Asian man says “Thank you very muchee.” check

To the post office, one package to Oakhurst and one package to
Arizona. check

Next the OUTLETS, Legg’s etc here I come. check (it’s personal)

Lunch at Mel’s, I like the Chili burger, no onions please. check

Oh, look, Pier One, hmmm, not on the list, stop anyway! New pillow to go with one I bought last week, more placemats and napkins, rest of Margaret’s placemats, wreath of stars for the front door, I love it,
3 cute little shopping bags in their own storage bag, I’ll use one for gift wrapping. I might have found the nite stands, dresser, and head board for guest room when Emily moves out. No rush Em, but you know, a mom has to be prepared.   add to list   check

Office Max, it’s in the same parking lot. Pencils with erasers that haven’t petrified and a key board for the lap top, so I don’t get writer’s cramp.  check

Batteries Plus, finally, I”m remembering to get a battery for the
camera Mom gave me. Maybe I can learn to do the picture thing on the blog, since now I can take relevant pictures. You don’t want to know how long it took me to figure out how to spell relevant correctly. Thanks Mom. check

Barnes and Noble is next, Happy Birthday Acacia, Rainbow fairy
books, Hope by Lucado for Mary, Creative Journal Writing and The Art of Thank You for me. check

Last stop Safeway, cat food, tp, cards, snacks, gift card, Happy Birthday, Courtney, sweet 16 on Saturday. check

A Subway – dinner check

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

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