Interior Vision

Thankfuls are welcome in the comments.
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams,; who looks inside, awakes. Carl Jung
List three things you are thankful for:

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Sheltering Your Dreams

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October 12, 2009

Realize that no matter where you might reside at the moment, the home you have is all you need to shelter your dreams. Moving On, Sarah Ban Breathnach

LiiList three things you are thankful for:

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Rest Assured

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“I love sleep because it is both pleasant and safe to use.” Fran Leibowitz

List three things you are thankful for:

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September 2 Evening tidbit

He (She) that commences many things finishes few. opps!

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August 28, Evening tidbit

We cannot change our destiny; but we can enrich each step of the way toward it.

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Today’s Writing Prompt: Break

What item you own do you secretly wish would break so you could upgrade it?

I have had my set of cornell plates for years, how I would like a new set of dishes.

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A week ago I was given some information about a situation that greatly affects me. As it stands, my plan for purchasing a house this year is on hold. When this was brought to my attention at first I was devastated. What was I going to do now? If I didn’t purchase before the end of November I won’t be able to take advantage of a tax credit. The housing prices are rising and I won’t be able to purchase for a long time. This dream seemed to have crashed to the ground and shattered in a million pieces…

But then the Lord came to me and asked if it was committed. Why yes the house is, the house on Merton was, but I had to work on getting the dream of a house by the end of this year committed, any house. As I worked the better part of that evening to get it all committed, the Lord brought such a great peace and comfort. I don’t have to be worried. And the prayer that I have prayed through this whole situation of, “Lord where ever, when ever and for how much” God knows what we can handle and if our desire is to be in his will, even if it is different than our own, he will give that grace and peace to be able to stand where he wants us to stand.

I am thankful to say that it is committed, the house on Merton, a house by November 31 and a house by the age of 25…God knows and will provide. If it is his will for me to have a house by any of these standards than it will be his miracle and he will definitely get all the honor and glory. If it isn’t his will, than we will just wait and see what it is, I am sure that it is destined to be the best for me and all those that are involved.

As for my offer on the house, I am not going to pull it, God is a big God. If it is his will, he will work it out. If it isn’t, he will work that out to. I just have to sit back, wait patiently and trust that whatever the outcome, it will be perfect.

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Today’s Writing Prompt: Odd plant

If you could plant something non-living and make it grow (such as planting a dollar and growing a money tree), what would you plant?

Health – A tree that would grow jelly beans that would taste like what good health feels like.
No more needles, tubes, bad tasting stuff, x-rays, operations, bandages…
Just pop a jelly bean!

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60 things

Sixty things You May or May not Know About Leslie

1. Likes yellow roses the best
2. Doesn’t like her feet messed with
3. Favorite meal to eat out Breakfast
4. First choice dark chocolate with almonds
5. Favorite vacation spot – ocean beaches
6. Next car Hyundai Genesis ( I’m hoping)
7. Loves to knit and challenge myself with new stitches
8. Determined to finish quilting projects
9. Would rather piece tops than quilt them
10. Happy my children live in Sacramento area
11. Been married 42 years
12. Born in Fresno, at St Agnus Hospital
13. Never lived more than 4 hours away from Fresno
14. Went to 4 grammar schools, 1 jr. high and 1 high school
15. Attended both ARC and Sac City jr. colleges for assorted classes
16. Could eat Chinese food several meals a week
17. Favorite color green
18. Favorite songs Not My Will and Every Need Supplied
19. Enjoys having stuff organized
20. but Procrastinates about organizing stuff
21. Volunteers in Kyle’s second grade class
22. Reads many types of books: mystery, science fiction, light romance, espionage
23. Grows violets, now that I know their favorite window, they bloom
24. Mistreats orchids and sometimes they bloom
25. Definitely a night person
26. Has seen sunrises and sunsets and knows the sunrises are not worth getting up for
27. Will get up early to see hot air balloons rise
28. Favorite holiday – thanksgiving
29. Enjoys being by myself
30. Enjoys just driving around for no real reason or destination
31. Loves to stop at yarn and quilt shops in new cities
32. Doesn’t really like garage sales
33. Knows that grandchildren are a special blessing from God
34. Loves black walnut ice cream at Baskin Robbins
35. Fascinated about how children learn
36. Knows audio books are the answer to how to anything and read at the same time
37. Thinks Bacon, tomato, Avocado sandwiches is a good breakfast
38. Must have lots of open (without curtains or blinds) windows in her house
39. Loves ironed pillowcases
40. Is learning to blog
41. Is being more open to people
42. Would like to go horse back riding on the beach
43. Collects thimbles from places she has been, has 30 (not all from places, some gifts)
44. Loves scissors that are less than 7 inches long
45. Thinks her children are wonderful, smart, beautiful and clean up well
46. Is a yarn and fabric fondler
47. Doesn’t have a passport, yet
48. Favorite scripture: Malachi 3:6a For I am the LORD, I change not;
49. Loves the fall because of the cool weather and the wind and the rain
50. Thinks she wants to own a dog
51. Would love to take a long road trip every year, home or abroad
52. Gets very frustrated with mechanical things that don’t work right, right now
53. Doesn’t really like to shop for clothes
54. Could not have picked more perfect daughter in laws
55. Volunteers at a school library one day a week during school year
56. Loves to look up words in the dictionary
57. Thinks thrift shops are okay
58. Would like to travel to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland
59. Is going on her first cruise this year,
60. August 16 is my birthday and I am 60 years old.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Room

Describe your ideal writing and reading room.

lots of windows,
cool breezes,
books, books, books
desk – room to spread out
comfy chair for reading,
practical chair for writing
a cat for company,
no phone,
one Ipod.

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Today’s Writing Prompt: Cover letter

Think of a job you would love to have, and write a brief, creative cover letter telling your future employer why they should hire you.

A rocker of small children and babies:

My arms are open wide
My rocker never sleeps
Day or night
the rates the same
to soothe the soul o’er the tide

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Offer #1

I did it, I put an official offer in on a house today. Yes, my only favorite out of the dozen that we have seen. It made me feel big. However exciting it is, it still is scary. Its official, I am really trying to do this.

Now I am beginning to feel a little anxious, I want to know how the offer goes on this house and I don’t really want to look for others. However, with this market, I don’t want to completely close the door to other opportunities. And it is a short sale, (in the second phase, whatever that means) and will take forever to decide on an offer to accept. Oh well, I will be searching for more houses to look at next week.

It is all in God’s hands and I know that he will work it all out to his glory. As I have said through this whole process is, He knows where I need to be when and for how much. I am glad that there is someone that knows what is going on.

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Today’s Writing Prompt

Friday, July 31, 2009

Today’s Writing Prompt: Phone

The next time the phone rings, what would you like to hear when you pick it up?

Hi, it’s me…
Yes We are going away.
I have made all the reservations.
I have packed and made the plans.
See you soon!
Me xo

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Em’s House Hunting Sidekick

I have had lots of fun being Em’s side kick on this hunting journey. Watching her: look through the houses, weighing the plus and minuses, can I make this work?, do I want to make this work? But the house just doesn’t say, Welcome home.

Until the house on Merton Way, eyes lit up and a little happy dance began in the way Emily moved through the house and studied each room. Yep, I could tell this one would be a keeper if it was the Lord’s will for her.

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While waiting on the porch…

I have been waiting on the porch, for such a long time.
What have I been doing while I’ve waited?
I have been very busy.

1. I checked the driveway, yes, free from poison oak and stinging nettles
2. I checked the porch foundation, yes, secure and constant.
3. I swept down cobwebs of discouragement,regret and disappointment.
4. I washed the window to keep a clear vision.
5. I kept the steps de-iced with warmth, forgiveness and compassion.
6. I sat on the porch chair and prayed.
7. I washed the steps with tears.
8. I was watchful, even when busy, glancing out the window.
9. I paused often, listening for a knock.
10. As I looked down the road, I looked up.

The best part of waiting on the porch was opening the door and saying,

“Come in! I’m glad you’re home!”

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