Maker’s Monday – on Wednesday

Jeannie Gray said
” It’s Makers’ Monday. Tell me all about what you’re making.”

March 14
All ordered yarn is here.
4 skeins of grey
6 skeins of variegated reds, grey, black

Back to Moods of Change,
designer Frank o’Randle

Starting with row 50
after ripping out the grey
to use the variegated as per the pattern.

By Monday 19
rows 50-54 with variegated
rows 55-57 with red
(row 57 consisted of 594 double crochets)
rows 58-part of 62 grey
(row 59 boasted 648 single crochets and
108 single crochet 2 together)
were completed.

Let me tell you this afghan is getting heavy
and there is no room for a dozing cat on my lap.
The cats cannot understand this.
The lap just looks cozier
with all that lovely yarn as a cushion.

Linking with Jeannie Gray and other Makers.
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Makers’ Monday – A Couple Day’s Late

Jeannie Gray said
” It’s Makers’ Monday. Tell me all about what you’re making.”

A couple days late . . .

I worked very diligently to get this afghan
finished for gifting by Saturday.
I finished the rows,
crocheted the edge,
and wove in all the ends.
I spread it out on the bed
and saw this wobbly mess.

The double crochet rows were nice and even,
but when I worked the pattern rows
my tension was tighter.
No way could I block out that problem.

Nothing to do but rip it all out.

Isn’t this box of little yarn balls cute?

I’m trying a five point star pattern,
and having to tie little balls of yarn together
to make it all the way around a row.

This Afghan, Spice of Life 2,
went to the shower with me on Saturday.

The waiting is over,
the red variegated yarn for Galaxy of Change
was picked up from the post office this morning.

Tomorrow is another day to crochet.

Linking with Jeannie Gray and other Makers.
Ravelry notes for Spice of Life 2.

Makers’ Monday – Moods 2

Jeannie Gray said
” It’s Makers’ Monday. Tell me all about what you’re making.”


Last Monday, February 12, on row 32 –

this Monday, February 19, working on row 50!

Quite a bit of ripping went on
row 43 had 442 double crochets.
I finally got that right . . .
then row 44 just would not count out right.

I ripped and re-crocheted more than once
and finally fudged,
(for non-crocheters that does not mean I ate fudge;
it means I pulled out my stitching and redid the stitches)
and the continuing rows have worked out well.

31 rows to go – but I know I don’t have enough yarn.
Question – just crochet until I run out of yarn,
trying to plan a pleasant end or
go buy more knowing exact dye lot won’t be available.
I’ll have to see how different the colors are.

A friend laughingly asked when I was going to make her a blanket.
I asked, “what colors?”
She said “black and grey” duh?
“Can I add a little teal?’
“Sure whatever leftovers you have”
We parted laughing.

Knowing me, well, you may not know me,
but that request has lodged in my cluttered brain.

So when I ran across this pattern
(don’t you just love blogs, Facebook, Pinterest etc.)
I knew it was her pattern  (link).









“Optical Art is a method of painting concerning the interaction
between illusion and picture plane, between understanding and seeing.”
[John Lancaster. Introducing Op Art, London: BT Batsford Ltd, 1973, p. 28.]

I took a little while on Sunday to see if my fingers
remembered how to work with three double pointed needles.

Sorry I took needles out before picture.

A little rough but I can do it!
Where this falls in the queue, anyone’s guess.

Ravelry notes here
Jeannie Grey – link up here

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Makers’ Monday

Jeannie Gray said
” It’s Makers’ Monday.  Tell me all about what you’re making.”


Ripple for Travis

February 5, 2018 about 1:45am

Folded up ready to deliver
Approximately 48″ X 80″

Mood of Change is the next project to be finished.
I don’t know when I started this.

Linking with Jeannie

Ravlery Ripple for T notes
Ravelry Moods of Change notes

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