Makers’ Monday – Moods 2

Jeannie Gray said
” It’s Makers’ Monday. Tell me all about what you’re making.”


Last Monday, February 12, on row 32 –

this Monday, February 19, working on row 50!

Quite a bit of ripping went on
row 43 had 442 double crochets.
I finally got that right . . .
then row 44 just would not count out right.

I ripped and re-crocheted more than once
and finally fudged,
(for non-crocheters that does not mean I ate fudge;
it means I pulled out my stitching and redid the stitches)
and the continuing rows have worked out well.

31 rows to go – but I know I don’t have enough yarn.
Question – just crochet until I run out of yarn,
trying to plan a pleasant end or
go buy more knowing exact dye lot won’t be available.
I’ll have to see how different the colors are.

A friend laughingly asked when I was going to make her a blanket.
I asked, “what colors?”
She said “black and grey” duh?
“Can I add a little teal?’
“Sure whatever leftovers you have”
We parted laughing.

Knowing me, well, you may not know me,
but that request has lodged in my cluttered brain.

So when I ran across this pattern
(don’t you just love blogs, Facebook, Pinterest etc.)
I knew it was her pattern  (link).









“Optical Art is a method of painting concerning the interaction
between illusion and picture plane, between understanding and seeing.”
[John Lancaster. Introducing Op Art, London: BT Batsford Ltd, 1973, p. 28.]

I took a little while on Sunday to see if my fingers
remembered how to work with three double pointed needles.

Sorry I took needles out before picture.

A little rough but I can do it!
Where this falls in the queue, anyone’s guess.

Ravelry notes here
Jeannie Grey – link up here

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  1. Ooh! Can’t wait to see how your friend’s blanket knits up. I’ve wanted to knit one of those for a while but it looks like it might not be the best thing for TV watching and that’s when I do blanket knitting.
    Hope you can find matching/coordinating yarn for your other project. I ordered yarn from Knit Pick’s once and put a request in the Notes section about the possibility of getting a certain dye lot… And they sent me the right yarn! I was amazed because the original yarn had been bought a looong time before.

    • How fortunate, they still had the yarn! I’ve gotten close with the grey, waiting to see what comes in the mail.

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