Scavenger Hunt Sunday

. . .here are my interpretations this week:

Even Cats have to drink sometimes.


Red petaled sunflower


Picking it fresh


Eight skeins waiting to be knit into a shawl

Calm, not

Calm was not found when our family went to the shooting range.

If you shoot a fire extinguisher. . . you get a lot of smoke.

Joining Ashley , sharing neat finds.

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I Love Knitting

When most people talk about their Valentine, they’re usually talking about a person. Well, one of my Valentines this year is going to be to my knitting! I love it so much, let me count the ways:

1. It fills my life with color.
2. It encourages my creativity.
3. It keeps my hands busy.
4. It introduces me to new people who share my love for the craft.
5. It loves to travel.
6. It likes the same audio books that I like.
7. It keeps the same schedule as I do; if I want to knit in the middle of the night, it’s there for me.
8. It likes to change bags as much as I do!
9. It challenges me.
10. It keeps me company, even when I’m cranky.

borrowed and edited from knitting daily editor, Kathleen Cubley

I thoroughly enjoy knitting, every part of it, from the mindless back and forth of garter stitching to the ‘sit down in a straight backed chair keep your eyes on the chart’ knitting. I even love to frog it, to make my knitting the best it can be.

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