Joy and Rejoice

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Psalms 35:9  And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation.

List three things you are thankful for:

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I Wonder…….

Dear God,

Did you plan all this when you first spoke and divided the heavens from the seas;

when you spoke and the earth separated from the water? Could you see what your creation, man, had the potential to do as he questioned and asked and tried?

The first man to build a raft or canoe – was he thankful?

Were the Vikings thankful for their dragon lead ships?

How about the Chinese with their junks, were they thankful?

Was Christopher Columbus thankful for the Nina?

Those that built the Mayflower, what did they think?

Were all these builders and users thankful? Did they appreciate the improvements gained from one to another? Did they realize how each improvement served the purpose so completely?

As I ride on this ship – that, except for a little quiet rocking and seeing the wake through the water, hardly seems like riding or traveling. I marvel at how far this ship has come from a raft. I wonder at the ability God has given man to question and create, building, improving, and fulfilling their dreams.

Are we, am I, fulfilling God’s dream for me? What did He see for me when he said “Let there be light”? As I have made my choices and planned and dreamed – Have I been thankful for my steps and my improvements?

Can God still look at me as his creation and say…It is good?    Amen.

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October 25, 2009


Quebec… if you ever get a chance to visit Quebec don’t turn it down.

A romantic city of narrow cobblestone streets at the narrowing of the St .Lawrence River, Quebec invites you to wander and take your time exploring. A horse drawn carriage gives a glimpse of more of the town and whets your appetite to spend and extra day or two.

Emily visited the city 4 years ago and tried to tell me what it was like, but I needed to walk the streets myself, hear the sidewalk musicians play, feel the breeze off the river and see the lights as they came on at night to really appreciate Quebec.


The weather was gorgeous, sunny and clear and crisp. We were told the 23rd it snowed, and the 24th it rained all day long. We were thankful for the weather prepared just for us.


I spend some time exploring outside on deck watching the lights of the city and along the banks of the river. A large half moon hung in the sky watching over me as I meditated the grandeur of God’s plan in a quiet almost deserted spot.


With Emily’s 219 pictures, Mary’s 149, Mom’s and Elmer’s,  I’ll have many to try to show my version of Quebec.


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Overcast and Cloudy

October 24,2009

At sea, over cast and cloudy all day. We all wandered here and there taking in the programs, listening to live music, eating as the spirit moved us, sometimes together and often apart.


That is the end of October 24, 2009.  Good Night…Sleep Well…Love you


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