Sorting and Packing

Many years ago, my mother moved from Fresno, CA to Mt. Vernon , Illinois to Naples, Florida;  she went through her years of McCall’s Needlework magazines and ripped pages out that she wanted to keep because she couldn’t take the whole stack with her. I thought that was sacrilegious; I had spent hours in those magazines. They were the bible of needleworkers.

Today I finished going through 12-15 years worth of Knitting magazines ripping out pages I wanted to keep for the very same reason; magazines are too bulky and I don’t have enough room to keep them.

I wonder what did my mother think about while she ripped? Was she focused as I was on the probability of really making the item for which I saved the directions; . . . slipping the pages into page protectors that would finally find a home in a three-ring binder.

I may never make many of the items I have saved, but when I look at the binder I will remember the stack of magazines on the shelf and the enjoyment of dreaming about making or trying every one.

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The Road to Joy

Joy is the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. See evoked, the prospect, a road, a journey, a walk; not all flat and smooth, not at sunny and fresh. I want to persevere until I get there. I don’t want to be side=tracked because the way isn’t as I imagined. What ever it is that you desire keeping walking until you get there.

The Road to Joy
© 2009
Julie Jordan Scott

I had a simple writing and art journal prompt yesterday
from the Bliss Journaling Yahoogroup I belong to –
– “Joy” – which always seems to lead me into
singing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”

I pulled out my watercolor moleskine and attempted
to mix a purple from two different hues and instead, got
a sort of brown, not so pretty color which I meant
to paint into a Road of Sorts.

The phrase “Ode to Joy” was replaced by “Road to Joy”
and off my mind, heart, and paintbrush went, skipping,
hopping and occasionally stumbling or needing to rest,
to catch my breath.

Here is a photo of my journal pages:

The Road to Joy is dappled with mud, not daisies as a
lesser soul might suspect.

The Road to Joy is dirty, with twists and turns and rocks
and craters and lies and disapproval

The Road to Joy is fed by forgiveness and light, packages
tied up in hope and trust and movement

The Road is big and tall and complete, even and especially
in moments of active, intentional stillness.

The Road to Joy is paved with stones of grace, of passion,
of loss and discovery and tears and brokenness that becomes
whole and breaks again.

The Road to Joy passes by your door and my door and his
and hers and theirs as well.

The Road to Joy is in conversation, it is in argument, it
is in laughter and winks and open hands and arms
and tapping toes.


The Road to Joy Is?

The Road to Joy is….

The. Road. To. Joy. Is…

Bernstein said, “Beethoven was a creature of grace and
innocence and trust – hope and future and immortality. ”
Sort of like me. Sort of like you.

Your road to joy is…..


John 15:8-11 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, …

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Home again

We’re home. trying to put all the pieces back together, I’ll spend sometime later filling in the past days before I forget it all.

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Sydney, Nova Scotia


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North Rustico, PE Island


View of Atlantic Ocean at North Rustico

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I Wonder…….

Dear God,

Did you plan all this when you first spoke and divided the heavens from the seas;

when you spoke and the earth separated from the water? Could you see what your creation, man, had the potential to do as he questioned and asked and tried?

The first man to build a raft or canoe – was he thankful?

Were the Vikings thankful for their dragon lead ships?

How about the Chinese with their junks, were they thankful?

Was Christopher Columbus thankful for the Nina?

Those that built the Mayflower, what did they think?

Were all these builders and users thankful? Did they appreciate the improvements gained from one to another? Did they realize how each improvement served the purpose so completely?

As I ride on this ship – that, except for a little quiet rocking and seeing the wake through the water, hardly seems like riding or traveling. I marvel at how far this ship has come from a raft. I wonder at the ability God has given man to question and create, building, improving, and fulfilling their dreams.

Are we, am I, fulfilling God’s dream for me? What did He see for me when he said “Let there be light”? As I have made my choices and planned and dreamed – Have I been thankful for my steps and my improvements?

Can God still look at me as his creation and say…It is good?    Amen.

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October 25, 2009


Quebec… if you ever get a chance to visit Quebec don’t turn it down.

A romantic city of narrow cobblestone streets at the narrowing of the St .Lawrence River, Quebec invites you to wander and take your time exploring. A horse drawn carriage gives a glimpse of more of the town and whets your appetite to spend and extra day or two.

Emily visited the city 4 years ago and tried to tell me what it was like, but I needed to walk the streets myself, hear the sidewalk musicians play, feel the breeze off the river and see the lights as they came on at night to really appreciate Quebec.


The weather was gorgeous, sunny and clear and crisp. We were told the 23rd it snowed, and the 24th it rained all day long. We were thankful for the weather prepared just for us.


I spend some time exploring outside on deck watching the lights of the city and along the banks of the river. A large half moon hung in the sky watching over me as I meditated the grandeur of God’s plan in a quiet almost deserted spot.


With Emily’s 219 pictures, Mary’s 149, Mom’s and Elmer’s,  I’ll have many to try to show my version of Quebec.


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Overcast and Cloudy

October 24,2009

At sea, over cast and cloudy all day. We all wandered here and there taking in the programs, listening to live music, eating as the spirit moved us, sometimes together and often apart.


That is the end of October 24, 2009.  Good Night…Sleep Well…Love you


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Bunches of Nothing

October 24, 2009

Today at sea.  I saw a hint of land about 5:30pm, Anticosti Island as we went through the Gaspe Passage.

A day at sea means you can do bunches of nothing or go from one activity to another provided by the activity crew.

We did alot of one and a little of the other. The other was the show that was supposed to be country and western. It was loud and not very country or western. I guess I’m just not that kind of person.

I saw Mary once while she ate breakfast/lunch and Em before she left for the day. Mom went to a comedy workshop. she said it was really funny, she had a good time.  We had dinner with Mom and then saw the show. Elmer got ice cream to eat in the room. Back to our cubbies. I ate the gingerbread with lemon sauce that I got at Peggy’s Cove, It was yummy even though it was cold.

What the girls did???I don’t know may be  I’ll find out tomorrow.

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Yes, Shirley I do come out of my room to eat. I find there are eating places on this ship that I will only eat in once. Not my style. Right now it is cloudy out, sea all around going 23 kts. Don’t know how to translate into miles per hour. Ships position is 49 degrees 20.04′ N, 064 degrees 42.17′ W if you want to know, the thing on the screen has a little ‘o’ high where I put ‘degrees’ don’t know how to do that. We will be in Quebec in the morning at 9AM.

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Halifax to Peggy’s Cove

October 23, 2009

We woke up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 702 nautical miles from New York.

We had a bus tour through Halifax to Peggy’s Cove, a rustic fishing village where 40 people live year around and on a loop back to Halifax. We really enjoyed the tour. Our tour guide was good, that’s important. We heard about Halifax’s part in the rescue of the survivors of the Titanic, a shipping explosion in the Halifax harbor and the crashing of an airliner from New York. (I’ll have to check with the others for info I forgot).  You’ll

need to see the pictures, to kind of understand the remote, lonely feeling of the Cove.

We had Italian for dinner. I thought of you, Shirley, while I ate Tiramisu. Elmer and I went back to the room. Mom followed Mary and Emily this evening.  I’ll have to get the low down tomorrow.  Tomorrow a day at sea, Quebec City, Sunday morning.

That is the end of October 23, 2009.  Good Night…Sleep Well…Love you

These posts will be so much more complete when I can post the pictures.

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Lazy Day at Sea

October 22, 2009 written October 23, 2009

We were at sea this day, so were pretty lazy. Overcast in the morning so didn’t eat breakfast out side. We checked out different parts of the ship, did some shopping, 2 sweat shirts, and a cup with a lid for me, and a water bottle for Elmer.  Reading, knitting, and enjoying the ride were high on the list of activities.

We met for dinner dressing up a bit, Em wore her mink coat and cowboy boots. Elmer went back to the room, Mom checked out a couple performers on her own. I hung out with Mary and Em following them around. Some of the performers were pretty good, some we didn’t stay for very long. M & E pick seats so if they don’t like the act, they can leave easily with out disturbing anyone.

That is the end of October 22, 2009.  Good Night…Sleep Well…Love you

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from New York City to the Ship

This post had such creative dialog and pictures, then………..the computer monster entered the process. Maybe someday we will see the pictures, please just use your imagination as you read.

October 20, 2009, written October 21, 2009, 8:30amEST

View from hotel room window about 8:00EST – Mom’s room

View from Mary, Emily & Mom’s room

Mary, Emily, Mom and I left Elmer in bed at 9am (6amCaliTime) to see the sights.

After some discussion with a longsuffering concierge, Emily and Mary as our fearless guides led us to the subways of New York. Subways are underground and not dark and dank as I had pictured. In some areas it was like mini malls food courts and stores. Other areas were waiting areas for the trains. We bought $8.00 passes that were good for 4 transfers. We used three.

We took the R downtown train to 34th. Walking in New York felt like San Francisco and Chicago, but  not like Birmingham.  We breakfasted at a Café, that was long and narrow; food counters on left side, tables on right. A waiter took our order although we could have ordered at the counter. Everything was available: traditional breakfast, lunch, sandwiched, soups, Chinese dishes, fruit, luscious looking desserts and muffins. We visited Duane Reade, like a rite aide. DR are located often through the city.

When the doors of Gotta Knit opened at 11:00, we were there. On the 5th floor a room about 15×20, full of samples and yarn on the left and rear, on the right portioned off by screens was their office. Not a very large variety of yarns, but high end cost and quality. Emily was the buyer, a skein of hand spun, she make a pair of sox or a scarf as the spirit moves her.

Down to E subway, downtown to W 4th  to Purls a quilt shop.  On ground level, again the store area was very narrow 8 ft wide and 20ft deep, with office/storage behind closed door. Different fabrics than commonly seen in Sac. Emily purchased fabric of a baby quilt (that had been on her list) and princess and the pea fabric for a pillowcase as a souvenir of New York. Mary bought fabric to make a tote bag to remind her of the City. My buy was the store’s own canvas tote, $15.00, The girls didn’t tell their totals, but the main fabric in the princess and the pea collection was $18.00 a yard

Walking on down the street about 4 stores is Purls, a yarn shop about twice as wide and the same depth,  Both shops are owned by the same people. Everyone escaped with no yarn,

By now it is 1:20pm, we were to be back at the hotel by 1:00. Elmer has checked out of the hotel, put luggage in storage, and has had breakfast (about 11:00). He is now waiting very patiently in the lobby for us. I missed judged the time because of the subway rides and the walking to get to where we wanted to go from the subway stations.

We called Elmer, got back on the subway and were back to the hotel about 1:45. As the porter brought out our luggage to load into the taxi, he said to Elmer, “Looks like she brought the whole house!” A Yellow Cab was whistled down, a suv type, five seats for passengers and luggage compartment big enough for everything. By 2:30 we were at the port and saw our ship. I knew the ships were big, but hadn’t realized just how big.

This is what our balcony looked like. We had two rooms side by side with connecting door on the balcony

We checked in with little waiting in lines, got our picture taked and walked up the gang plank. Champagne and orange juice waited for us.

This is what our room looked like.

We got on our way about3:00 and safety drill at 3:30. We learned how to put on our life vests. The vest weren’t flattering to anyone.

We went back to our rooms to put life vests away, get settled in, have coffee (thanks, Mom), and relax on the balcony. We watched the Lady as we left New York Harbor. Mary started singing The Cross is my Stature of Liberty.

Neat Picture of the Lady

Mary and Em went scouting; the rest of us vegged.  By chance we all meet in the Garden Café, a buffet, for supper and watched the sum sink into the ocean.  We split up again,

Elmer and I to sight see and get internet connected, Mom to the library, etc, and M and Em ?????.

I crashed about 9:00, I must have walked two miles in New York and there are many steps down into and up out of the subway.

More firsts:

My first subway ride, on one leg of the trip I knitted.

First time I (we) was honked at crossing the street.

My first Yellow Cab ride, from hotel to boat dock

this one I didn’t watch too closely as he drove.

Now I know about the others after dinner:

( the short version)

Mom went back to her room, took a bath, had a flood in the bathroom, called the plumber, water got cleaned up and read in bed for a while.

Mary and Em picked up their knitting, card games, and water bottles(because the cups are tiny) and went to –

  1. Crystal Atrium, listened to a string quartet
  2. went to get water
  3. back to Atrium  for sleepy music ( their words)
  4. went to Bar City, Constance played piano, then another lady played guitar and sang ballads and played Phase 10
  5. went to the theater and played garbage while the band played, then watched a comedian re-enact the Wizard of Oz
  6. returned to room to shower and bed and read.

Beautiful sunset

That is the end of October 20, 2009.  Good Night…Sleep Well…Love you.

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To the things I’ve done…

I can add; I have walked the streets of New York City.
We did leave at 5am after taking this picture of stuff, 6 suitcases, two garment bags, two carry on bags, three purses, one back pack and a briefcase.

Allpacked up and ready to go.

All packed up and ready to go.

At the airport little snag, one suitcase weighed 63#. Yep, it hadn’t thrown up enough. So some shuffling was done from suitcase to Mom’s garment bag. All was well. We took off on time to Minneapolis, we had lunch, yummy tomato/basil soup for me. On to New York City, I was told by someone in the know to get in the cab and close my eyes. The ride to Hotel wasn’t bad. The cabbie was a good tour guide pointing out Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc. I think Renee could have driven us, after riding with her in Philly.
As Elmer said, Ladies went out for dinner, Italian. We walked about 4 blocks. We each had something different that I can’t spell but could taste. If I could remember the name of the restaurant I’d recommend it.

Ladies made plans for Tuesday, again Elmer is sitting this one out. I guess you’ll have to check back in to find out what Elmer missed.

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It is still dark…

at 4AM, people are beginning to stir, you notice I didn’t say wake up. I’m packed but my three suitcases got to gether and made a carry on for me. I feel so ……..
I just don’t know how I feel. I haven’t been to sleep. That is normal for me before a big trip. The coffee is ready, now I’ll go make an egg sandwich and be ready to go. (Autumn, make sure Kyle knows I thought of him while I was eating my sandwich)

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