My Birthday Gift

spinning wheel 9-23-09 002I have tried out spinning wheels at a few different stores and also when I took a class from Lizette of Spinglitz. The one that I liked the most was the Mach 1 by Spinolution. It was sturdy and solid enough that it wouldn’t walk away from me, it was a double treadle and the treadles were comfortably set apart. I also liked that it had been designed and made in California. So after much deliberation, I decided to get myself one. But they had come out with the Mach 2 – which was the Mach 1 but with some upgrades. The Mach 1 was not available anymore – so it would be the Mach 2. I ordered my wheel from Lizette of Spinglitz (dealer). And two weeks later, I got a call saying she had received my wheel. So I drove up to El Dorado Hills and came home with my Mach 2 and some “birthday fiber”.

And so the began tspinning wheel 9-23-09 005he learning a new tool, playing with fiber – and seeing what I could create. I have learned that I can make a tangled mess faster wspinning 9-26-09 003ith a spinning wheel than with a spindle. But I can also create some pretty neat yarn faster also. Using my “birthday fiber” I spun it up and navaho plied it, ending up with about 75 yards of about a worsted weight of yarn. It is fun seeing the colors come together. I am thankful to be able to learn new skills and to have been able to get this wheel.

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Second Spring

October 3,  Evening Tidbit

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

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Hope with all your Heart

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October 3, 2009

Either there is  a God supremely good. One whom His children may love and trust to the very uttermost point without the slightest fear of the reality falling short of the heart’s desire, or else there is no God, no love, no forgiveness, no redress.  God is wholly good, if good at all, and those who hope in Him will be wiser if they hope with all their hearts than if they hope with only half their hearts.   William E. Huntington

List three things you are thankful for:

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Does this equal?

October 3,  Six Word Saturday

Grandson’s visiting might equal roadtrip escaping.

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Stars, Sparrows and Me

I spent Sept. 22-28th in Redding caring for my Mother-in-law. This is what my heart said:

Down a paved but pot-holed road on a mostly natural two acre piece
of land lives the “Flower Lady”. She has been taming this land by planting
flowers and bushes and trees and bulbs and grasses that would be good
to use in flower arrangements. Ground covers have been planted to help
keep the moisture in the soil. Fruit trees and grape vines are planted with
hope of a harvest, but the birds know exactly when the fruit is ripe.
A vegetable garden is found; fenced from deer and sun-screened from the
long hot days. This rocky, porous soil fights against taming, yet persistent
labor and a dream has worked a memorial to a great, grand lady.

In this place away from the busyness of life you’ll find peace and serenity,
birdsong and animal chatter. Here away from the lights of the world,
all the stars of the heavens can be seen. Here in this place faith assures us:
the God who knows the stars by name and watches each sparrow….cares for me.

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