We have the Neatest Chickens

We don’t live on a homestead or even a ranch or farm, we are assistant caretakers of our church property.We live in the southwest corner in a trailer. We have some chickens and a garden.  We average 15-18 eggs a day. We sell eggs and produce from the garden.We love our chickens!

I don’t know this variety. He walks like a clown, I was going to call him Duke, but Uncle B started calling him, Bobo, and it has stuck.

Bobo and his Lady.

I think they are beautiful.

This picture shows the green cucumbers on fencing, the cantaloupe, musk melons, watermelons, zucchini, yellow crooked necked squash and scallop squash rows.  The Farmer plants a few zinnias and sunflowers  for me.

We enjoy our life on Cozy Acres


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  1. Your blog is soo homey and fun just like you! Your veggies and quilts look amazing! I wish I could just slide on by on Saturday mornings. I miss you, Mama Leslie!

    • It would be wonderful if we lived closer, alas we are at the mercy of our budgets. ((Love you))

  2. Your chickens are beautiful I had to look them up to see what they were. I think they are Brahmas Bantam’s they are so pretty! I bet you love watching them frolic around your yard just as we do. Most evenings we sit out in the shade with something cold to drink and just watch them for hours…they keep us entertained. I guess you know you love the country and your farm when your entertainment is watching the flock! Ummm…that might just have to be a blog post.

    Enjoy! Tarcy

    • Thanks for checking in. I wish we could have some kind of pond or large horse watering trough so I could have a few ducks, also, but will be content.

    • Are Brahma Bantam’s full sized chickens? The hen is the size of our other hens and the rooster is bigger than the rhode island reds and the bardrocks (sp?).

  3. Understand your love for your chickens and garden. Feel the same with our small plot of land :)))


    • It really doesn’t take a very big spot to bring joy. 🙂

  4. Your chickens are very pretty, I think chickens are wonderful to watch, they each have their own personality. God Bless

    • Chickens are happy, silly and baby chicks are absolutely amazing. thanks for stopping by.

  5. I have 2 Light Brahmas like yours, only they’re both hens. Sadly, we’re not allowed roosters in our suburbs.

    • Bobo has a very deep crow and since he is still learning it is raspy. I have to smile each time I hear him. Thanks for stopping by. We live in middle of suburbs, several around us have chickens – their roosters are louder.

  6. Thanks for sharing the ♥homeyness of your abode w/chickens,…even though us church/congregants can see from “afar”…what you have given us a close-up picture of!

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