We have the Neatest Chickens

We don’t live on a homestead or even a ranch or farm, we are assistant caretakers of our church property.We live in the southwest corner in a trailer. We have some chickens and a garden.  We average 15-18 eggs a day. We sell eggs and produce from the garden.We love our chickens!

I don’t know this variety. He walks like a clown, I was going to call him Duke, but Uncle B started calling him, Bobo, and it has stuck.

Bobo and his Lady.

I think they are beautiful.

This picture shows the green cucumbers on fencing, the cantaloupe, musk melons, watermelons, zucchini, yellow crooked necked squash and scallop squash rows.  The Farmer plants a few zinnias and sunflowers  for me.

We enjoy our life on Cozy Acres


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What Happens at Family Night gets posted!

Family night was a fun place to be! Everyone but two were able to come, Aunty A and Cousin C were very much missed.

The boy cousins 12 and under arrived in the afternoon with pool time with Uncle A and Uncle D.  Most got some SPR (swimming pool rash); ALL had a great time.

I see some SPR on this Guy…but he doesn’t see us!

Our menu included Grandpa T”s tri tip shish kabob with zucchini (from the Farmer’s garden, mushrooms, and onions, rice  a roni, rolls, salad with cucumbers and cherry and yellow pear tomatoes (from the Farmer’s garden, and three kindsa  pickles.  Chocolate cake, cinnabon cupcakes, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and bo’nilla ice cream. YUM!

Aunty M and  Aunty E use their time to advantage.

Some serious thinking occurred.

And a little educational reading happened.

SEVEN birthdays ( we had missed June) and ONE anniversary were celebrated.

A rousing sing a long kept us laughing.

Uncle A read us the story of David and Goliath, several thought provoking comments were added by the listeners.  Pray was made for dear ones far away but close in our hearts, and for near ones with special needs, and for all Little I’s friends.

Ten people were able to be thankful, I wish I had written them down. The variety of blessings are beyond number, and always worth the telling.

The Old folks left (Uncle b and the Farmer), the younger battled it out on the Wii

A serious player

and a somewhat lopsided game of 5 Crowns was played in the dining room.

Some of the crew!

Thank you Uncle A and Aunty A for extending again your warm welcome to your home for our family’s night together.

(PS. The quilt in the back ground of some of the pictures was paper pieced and quilted by Aunty E.)

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