Up From a Root

I love these beautiful yellow flowers whose common name is wild sunflowers.  The Farmer’s mother gave me my first start several years ago.  From just a couple roots the patch grew to be about 6′ by 4′.  The plants die back every winter and then all year they grow and grow. Just when the garden slows down and the roses are in their final bloom, these bright yellow flowers burst out all up and down the stems of the plants.

I dug up roots this spring from the Lincoln property and the Farmer planted them along the back side of the barn. I see this barn from my chair in the trailer.

I’ve watched them sprout and grow and grow and grow!

The bottom of the stems get rather ragged and the leaves die because so much energy is going into growing higher and higher.

I think they are trying to get as close to the sun and they can.

When I went to take pictures, the blossoms were covered with little butterflies swaying in the breeze drinking the sweetness found in in these pieces of sunshine.

Fall is my favorite season. Wild sunflowers are one of the reasons.

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