Mothering, Yesterday and Today

I’ve been ask to bring a lesson to the Young Married class, so I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking of mothers and parenting. How I was as a young mother so confident that I knew what I was doing and yet so selfish! How I saw so many things as black and white, because that is where I felt secure. Looking back, I’d like to think I’d change a lot of things, but I really wouldn’t be able to because then I would not have been who I was, and  I could only work with what I knew and what I thought was expected of me.

Mothers today have so many choices that I don’t think I had. With those choices comes insecurity, too. Am I making the right decision? Am I doing enough? Can I fulfill my expectations and dreams for my family?

I wrote a comment on this blog.

I wanted to write it here, it is my prayer for today’s mothers.

Dear Mothers, my heart is full for mothers
Mothers so hard on themselves,
Mothers so tender,
Mothers so clearly wanting with their whole hearts to do it all and to do it all right
Mothers who look back and see clearly — it is called hind sight
Mothers who look forward through a glass darkly — it is called faith
Mothers who must take one day at a time trusting God to fill the gap between what I am doing and what I want to be doing — we are just not capable by ourselves.
Some days, yes, tigers, coming quickly “to their temples” shaking the doors, getting their attention, making it, oh, so plain the need of the moment.
Some days, we are that velvet comforter, wrapping, holding, nurturing, healing, still not in our own strength but in God’s comfort by which we are selves are comforted.
Remember to everything “there is a season” and all seasons are covered by grace and all seasons are to be filled with thanks.

I’m still growing in grace, still learning,still thankful for God’s plan for mothers.

I just Love this picture!

(pictures found by googling ‘mothering pictures- thanks )

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