Quilt Show Day Trip

One activity I really enjoy is going to a quilt show. Saturday, October 15, Mary and I set off on a day trip to the Pacific International Quilt Festival XX, one of the largest quilt shows on the west coast, displayed at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

We had breakfast on the way out of town, taking our time with no time pressure. The only way to go on a day trip. As I drove, we chatted and listened to an audio book, stopping the book often to chat some more.

Quilt construction techniques and styles have changed alot since I first started attending about 35 years ago.  Then most of the quilts were traditional patterns, with hand applique, and machine quilting was just started. Now a delightful mixture of traditional patterns, artsy designs, landscapes, some making political statements or supporting causes, i.e. breast cancer. Most of the quilts were machine quilted by long arm quilting machines or home sewing machines, few were hand quilted.

I prefer traditional patterns with a twist, something extra to add interest.  I look for color combinations that show thought and daring, just a little zing.

Mary and I liked A Quilter’s Dream wares. These two quilt patterns caught our eyes. The designs are simple, (reproduction would be easy) and the color placement makes the quilt.

This quilt on left is a simple design; one six inch block is made with another the reverse color placement. The color was very pleasing, the picture colors are not true to the original.

This quilt was very interesting, with the shadow effect.  The pattern looked more complex than it really was, again the color is off in the picture. The original was very striking.

Mary bought a pattern and fabric for a tote bag from this vender. The bag patterns were really neat. We’re glad we got the web site. It will be a place to visit as funds allow.

We walked for about 3 hours and only saw about a third of the quilts and vendors. Our eyes got full and our feet got tired.

Loving traditional sampler quilts with zing, this quilt was my favorite.

I think it is delightful mixture of traditional quilt patterns, unusual setting and beautiful applique accents. I wish the colors were true in this picture. Think wagon trains crossing the Midwest on the way to California.

The label pinned next to the quilt.  No ribbon was awarded, but it is a winner in my eyes.

Mary took more pictures,  I think I’ll borrow them for a later post.

We left Santa Clara and headed to Half Moon Bay, CA, a favorite area for ocean watching. We ran into stop and go traffic on the two lane road about 5 miles from the town.  Then we saw a sign “Pumpkin Festival, October 15-16”.  Bad Sign. This small town was over run with people walking, people on bicycles and people in cars. We drove around a little while, being stopped most of the driving time, then headed north.  We ate supper at a little road side fish restaurant on a man made boat cove, (I don’t remember the name).  We recommend the crab sandwich. The sun went down during dinner.

Since the ocean doesn’t have  flood lights, I drove home uneventfully, watching a harvest moon climb high in the sky.

Come the first weekend in November, I’ll be ready to visit the quilt show sponsored by the Pioneer Quilt Guild, Rocklin, CA.

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