Alex’s Hat

I saw this hat and knew I needed to make it for my oldest (13) grandson, Alex. His parents weren’t quite as excited when I explained it had dreadlocks. Alex was super excited.

After a couple weeks, Alex asked ‘have you finished my hat?’ opps!
That day I started. This hat was a lot of fun to knit. And since it only took me two days a fast knit, of course, the yarn is held double.

I have visions of having to knit more of these, when the other grandsons see this one…..a son might not want to be left out.

I received this yarn from my mother who cleaned our her stash, thank you.
I had approx 40 yards leftover from each skein.

The hat is from this book   —  Drew Emborsky and Annie Modesitt, the co-authors of Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them, thank you.

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