Yarn Along — March 8

I am making progress on Anjou this week.

Last Week

This Week

The Lace

This piece has charts for the individual sections. I have completed:

Point to Pears  – Cast on 5 stitches, 35 rows of knitting, 27 stitches on needles

Widening  –  work all 12 rows 5 times, 5 pears completed, 57 stitches on needles

The Straightaway  –  work all 12 rows 17 times. Whether following Charts or written instructions, work each row as follows, Charts A, sm, B, sm, C, sm, B, sm, D.

I am on my 6th repeat down the straightaway. Once I became accustomed to working the multiple charts and highlighting the ssks to help distinguish from the k2ts, the progress has been easier and faster.

I’m enjoying this project, if I could only stay focused and not sidetracked to all the other beautiful things I want to try.

Sharing my WIP with others here.

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