Scavenger Hunt Sunday –March 25


Scavenger Hunt Sunday items:

Whimsy  —   Playfully quaint or fanciful,
especially in an appealing and amusing way.

To me, this squirrel fulfills the definition.


Maybe this hat I knitted this week for grandson, Alex
could be called whimsical, also


the Farmer makes dust as he cleans up the sides of the driveway.

Seed or Sprout

These succulents sprout flower stalks every spring.

and Swing or Drop

I went looking for dropped blossoms from magnolias or camillas;
What a Find!
a real swing,
a dropped orange
and a dropped red camilla
seen through a chain-link fence laced with wisteria vines.

I had  fun looking for scavenger items; the harder part was picking out which pictures to use this week; come on over to Ashley’s blog and check out some others.

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